Gardening where the sidewalk ends

Whidbey Island Garden II August 20, 2008

In addition to all the great stuff to eat in her garden, our host has also planned and planted a great variety of ornamentals that don’t need a lot of water. I noticed “The Xeriscape Plant Guide” on her bookshelf, and she seems to have really thought out what looks nice together as well as what doesn’t require a lot of watering to survive.

Here’s the front garden and porch, visible from the living room and also from the kitchen/dining room:

Whidbey Cottage Front Garden

This photo was taken on a blazing sunny day, so please pardon the bleached-out look. Purple sedums interplanted with different shades of day lilies:

Whidbey Purple Sedums & Daylilies

Cute little herb garden too, in a raised bed ringed by rough concrete slab chunks:

Whidbey Herb Garden

The bees were abundant and so were the hummingbirds and other flying creatures. Seemed like a really well-balanced little ecosystem.


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