Gardening where the sidewalk ends

Seed Snarfer August 31, 2008

My family looked out the window this morning and saw something pretty funny. A big, fat squirrel, perched precariously on top of one of my parking strip sunflowers, was scarfing down all the seeds s/he could reach. I had noticed yesterday that some of the flowers were leaning over and thought it was due to a windy day we had earlier in the week. Guess it was the squirrel’s climbing expeditions instead.

Sunflower Squirrel

One of the stems had snapped off halfway down, so I hacked it off and brought it up to our house level so that we could watch the fun from a closer vantage point. The squirrel soon reappeared and ate the entire huge head of seeds. “It’s like it’s a big feast!” was my daughter’s comment. Guess fall must really be here.

Squirrel Things Sunflower Seeds Are Yummy


5 Responses to “Seed Snarfer”

  1. PGL Says:

    How fun for your family to be able to watch it closeup. Squirrels love sunflower seeds.

  2. Shibaguyz Says:

    Last year one of the little guys/gals tried to carry off an entire head by itself. They do seem to get obsessed with their sunflower seeds!!

  3. Curmudgeon Says:

    Our yard is an official “Squirrel Free Zone” thanks to Diva Dog. Now if we could only extend that to a “Neighbor Cat Free Zone” too! I keep wondering why there is no such thing as leash laws for cats… At least the worst offender wears a very loud bell–which I’m sure the birds all appreciate.

  4. greenwalks Says:

    PGL –

    It was pretty funny. I keep hoping the birds will get some but the squirrel was too greedy (i.e. hungry). 🙂


    Shibaguyz –

    Well, I guess the seeds have a high oil content so it’s great for that whole fattening-up-for-winter thing.


    Nice that your dog takes care of squirrel patrol. Wonder why the cats are so bold? We have problems with that too, I’ve seen an actual bird kill before and it broke my heart. Not the cats’ fault, it’s the owners’!

    – Karen

  5. […] year and ate one bite out of each, leaving the rest to rot. Or maybe it was when you oh so casually decapitated all of my sunflowers long before summer was […]

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