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Plant Sale Impulse Purchase September 8, 2008

I was just lingering by the plant table at the Harvest Fair on Saturday, not really intending to buy anything since I’d already nearly filled up my little red wagon with winter veggie starts, when I looked down and saw this fairly unassuming, not terribly attractive baby shrub.

Ornamental Pomegranate

I wasn’t going to buy it, honestly! It had some deadwood around the base and the leaves looked like they might be deciduous (I took a solemn vow this year – shrubs must only be evergreen from now on!) But then I saw the tag:

Dwarf Pomegranate

Do I really **need** an ornamental pomegranate? Well, of course not! But I was thinking quite recently that the fruit tree I wish most that our climate allowed was a real, actual, fruiting one. So, I guess this is the best we can do in Seattle, sans greenhouse. The guy behind the sale table said he has one in his front garden and he has already received five notes from passers-by asking what it is so they can get one too. He did warn me that it needs pruning to stay small, and that it can attract aphids. Oh, and my plant guide says it needs regular watering and monthly fertilizing in order to flower properly. Hm. Normally I would resist something with this many care needs, but maybe it will be worth the work. It likes full sun, so I’m putting it in the parking strip and we’ll see what happens. The hummingbirds should like it, since the flowers are red.

Here’s what it’s supposed to look like once the flowers bloom.

Ah, plant sales. There’s always something there you probably should resist but just can’t!


3 Responses to “Plant Sale Impulse Purchase”

  1. Krys Says:

    “A special find” such as the dwarf pomegranate would be irresistible to me too!!! I always explain such purposes by calling them an investment in my continuing education 🙂


  2. PGL Says:

    Looks like a pretty little red bloom. It is hard to resist plant sales. The only way I can resist is to not go. My area is having the fall native plant sale on the 20th and you know I will be there. 🙂

  3. greenwalks Says:

    Krys –

    Hm, “investment in continuing education,” I like it! I’m gonna use that one when the credit card bill rolls in… 🙂

    PGL –

    I agree, the only way to not buy is not attend. Native plants are always worth getting more of, though – you can justify it as “habitat replacement.” 🙂

    – Karen

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