Gardening where the sidewalk ends

Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair September 8, 2008

After much anticipation, our time at the Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair was on the short side this year. My kiddo was super wiped out from the first week of kindergarten, so we didn’t spend as long as I would have liked there. We saw lots of friends though, made some fun kid crafts, marched in the mini parade and did a quick turn around the fairgrounds (the wonderful Good Shepherd Center in Seattle’s Wallingford Neighborhood). Next time, maybe I’ll leave the non-gardening members of the family at home and I can dawdle a bit and maybe even go to a few of the many workshops they offer on sheet mulching, wild edible plants, making preserves, etc.

I got to the winter veggie starts stand a little later than I’d have liked, and some stuff was already gone or somewhat picked over. I didn’t come with a list, though, so I tried not to be too disappointed and ended up coming away with a nice variety.

Winter Greens Starts

The herb-wreath-making station was really popular. A nice gal helped us make this one with our daughter. Easy to do! Just take three bunches of herbs, twist-tie each at its bottom end, put them end to end and wrap them with ribbon. You can weave in flowers later, and leave ribbons to trail down behind. Here’s ours, in progress:

Herb Wreath in Progress

Also popular, unsurprisingly, a chocolate tasting table from Theo Chocolate. Their stuff is fair trade, organic and insanely yummy. I think my daughter didn’t even taste hers, it went down the hatch so quickly. I savored it a bit more, and highly recommend the 3400 Phinney line, especially the fig/fennel/almond variety.

Theo Chocolate Tasting

Lisa Taylor, the Children’s Garden Program Manager, gleefully rounded up a ton of folks for the parade at noon.

Parade Power

She led the way with chants of “What do we love? The sun!!!” and other gardening-related silliness. She also passed out hilarious costumes including giant carrots for the adults and mini worm capes for the kids:

Worm Girl

We hooted, hollered, shook noisemakers and paraded our way through the festival grounds a few times, then eventually ground to a halt and disbanded, shedding costumes like molting butterflies.

This is getting kind of long… I think I’ll have to do a Part II!


2 Responses to “Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair”

  1. PGL Says:

    Looks like a fun time for all type of event.

  2. greenwalks Says:

    PGL –

    It sure was. We are so luck to have such a great organization here in Seattle.

    – Karen

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