Gardening where the sidewalk ends

Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair, Continued September 9, 2008

There was so much going on at the Harvest Fair, I couldn’t fit it all into one post!

The turnout was big this year, due to the nice weather and, I think, the increasing interest here in all things “green.”

Happy folks listening to music:

Harvest Fair Crowd

Young fiddle player in the bandstand:

Fiddler at Rest

As I mentioned in the previous post, I didn’t get to attend any workshops this year. This one on “hot composting” looked cool, pitchforks were flying! I just peeked at it through the apple trellis:

Composting Demo

Lots of friendly animals to visit, we city folks get so excited by the most common barnyard animals. These goats were super happy to be fed tufts of grass by anyone who passed by:

Friendly Goat

This mobile chicken coop was a real conversation-starter. Hope a certain farm machinery company doesn’t ever sue this guy for logo infringement! The city of Seattle allows chicken keeping, with some restrictions. Click here to find out more.

Mobile Chicken Coop

The end of summer in Seattle always brings a frenzy of activity at Farmers’ Markets as we all realize we’ll be stuck with a limited selection until spring, if we plan to eat (at least mostly) local. Everyone was snapping up the late-summer goodies at the Fair’s big market.

Pepper tower (I saw someone carefully asking about and writing down every variety after purchasing a smaller one):

Super Fancy Pepper Chain

Pile o’ sweet corn:

Corn Pile


Box O' Tomatillos

And a nice reminder that not everyone can afford Farmers’ Market prices, so we need to donate produce when we can to help everyone eat the good stuff:

Beet Hunger

I came home with a nice little flat of winter veggie starts (several lettuces, spinach, a mild mustard, Chinese broccoli and rainbow chard) to put in the parking strip. I’m going to get to it this week before the snails discover them!

Flat O' Winter Veggie Starts


5 Responses to “Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair, Continued”

  1. Megan Says:

    Look at all those starts! I’m just starting to learn about growing the vegetables. I assumed the season for planting was over until next year, but I guess there are things you can do in the fall? Good to know, now I really have no excuse.

  2. PGL Says:

    Looks like a nice little haul of winter veggies. What a great fair, I wish we had something like that here.

  3. Philip Says:

    You just captured the event. I love the image of all the people together on the green grass sharing the moment, and all the sights from the goat, to the strung peppers.
    You know Karen, you are just the best!
    Pile o’ sweet corn:
    So much fun!
    With friendship,

  4. Pam Says:

    Two of our neighbors have goats. Our kids love going for walks to see them. One of the houses also has rabbits and his neighbor has chickens. Of course we also have horses with in a mile of us and we live in Seattle.

  5. greenwalks Says:

    Megan –

    Oh yeah, tons of stuff grows in the winter, from asian veggies to broccoli, arugula, chard, lettuces, carrots, onions and beyond. Some of it just kind of hunkers down and then gets going when it warms up, but it’s nice to have “winter interest” in the veggie patch. I know some favor cover crops but I’ve never tried that.


    PGL –

    Maybe you can be the founder of one next fall in your area! 🙂 That would make your winter project list a little bigger, huh?


    Philip –

    It was a truly fun event, is every year. Thanks for the sweet words!


    Pam –

    Seattle is pretty amazing for some of the country/city blends. The goat thing is pretty new, I think that just became legal recently. Wonder what breed they are?

    – Karen

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