Gardening where the sidewalk ends

Small and Square September 10, 2008

Making a raised bed for your street garden doesn’t have to be a huge project. I saw this option in my neighborhood, two small, square planters with a nicely edited selection of veggies and flowers.

Square planter boxes

One plant each of squash, alyssum, tomato and marigold per box. They looked so sweet and tidy, and probably take less than 10 min. per week to care for. Each box couldn’t have been more than about 3 ft. across. So cute!

The marigolds were just kind of glowing.

Glowing marigold

Alyssum and marigolds are both edible flowers, although I find that the marigold taste is a little too intense for me. The flowers attract pollinators for the veggies, so everyone’s happy!


6 Responses to “Small and Square”

  1. Lacey Says:

    What a great idea! I think I’ll be doing something like this next year as we try to fit in all that we can in our small space 🙂 Plus, I just love alyssum. Such a sweet plant, and it smells so good!

  2. rstair Says:

    What a lovely way to utilize a small space.

  3. I love the idea of reclaiming the neglected area on the boulevard. There’s barely any room for weeds to grow in the raised beds. These are good examples of an easy, neat way to make the space functional, adding a little food and a little beauty.

  4. Cindy Says:

    I love the flowers interplanted with the veggies!

  5. Georgia Says:

    Have you read You Grow Girl’s experience with growing edibles in sidewalk gardens (

  6. greenwalks Says:

    Lacey –

    I hope to see pictures of your new square beds sometime! I love alyssum too, that honey smell is just the best.


    rstair –

    It’s interesting that they actually had much more space to use but chose to go small. Maybe it’s a time-saving plan, who knows?!


    Cindy –

    I’m a big fan of flowers/veggies/herbs all mixed in too. And I’ve heard it’s good for attracting beneficial insects, so more’s the better.


    Georgia –

    Yeah, I’ve seen her travails on her posts – she gardens in a much more urban space than I do. I’ve never had problems with animal or human waste/mischief, I feel pretty lucky that way. People around our neighborhood are very respectful of street gardens.

    – Karen

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