Gardening where the sidewalk ends

Street Squash September 13, 2008

Walking around my neighborhood the other day, I saw this ingenious use of the tiny amount of space left over at the base of a privet (?) hedge:

Street squash

The squash, whatever type it was, is blossoming up nicely and maybe they’ll even have some to eat by the end of the season. It’s right there on the sidewalk, goes the full length of their place, and provides such a surprising and pleasant contrast, rambling along under the formally trimmed hedge.

Green Zone had this post recently about squash and other veggies growing in a very urban area of Prodidence, RI. It’s so nice to see food crops sprouting up in unlikely places!


6 Responses to “Street Squash”

  1. Cool idea using vegetables along hedges.

  2. Kanak Says:

    What a great space- using/saving idea! Very nice picture too! Saving it in my memory…who knows one day my vines could well be trailing along the hedge too!

  3. mand Says:

    Brilliant idea, which i will pass on to my mother who’s sick of her boring hedge! thanx!

  4. Georgia Says:

    Great ground cover! Check out Fresh Dirt’s photos of edibles growing in “left-over” spaces:

  5. rstair Says:

    What an ingenius way to utilize this space that most people would just leave mulched.

  6. greenwalks Says:

    Phil –

    Yes, I thought it was pretty clever of that gardener. Glad you liked it!


    Kanak –

    I hope you try it, it does seem like a great way to save space and get some great veggies out of the deal too!


    Mand –

    Maybe your mom will have a real conversation-piece of a hedge next summer!


    Georgia –

    Thanks for the link, I enjoyed that post.


    rstair –

    It’s always fun to see new ways to use garden space, isn’t it?

    – Karen

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