Gardening where the sidewalk ends

Sidewalk Carrot Patch September 21, 2008

Proof that you can grow just about anything in your parking strip, as long as you till it sufficiently and amend the soil:

Sidewalk carrots

Yep, those are carrots, which I discovered on a walk in my neighborhood. They look totally healthy and the entire bed was filled with them. I had tried carrots on the street and found that I needed to put them in a raised bed or they got too stunted, but this gardener seems to have figured out how to make them happy straight in the ground. I like the little green wire fence that surrounds the patch, a gentle reminder to human and animal passers-by alike to step carefully.

There is almost nothing more satisfying in the world of vegetable gardening than pulling your own carrots. Somehow, the buried treasure aspect of “what’s this one going to look like?” can be more of a treat than the actual taste. I’m going to try them again on the street next year, and if the birds, ants, and pillbugs don’t intervene, maybe I’ll actually get to harvest some!


4 Responses to “Sidewalk Carrot Patch”

  1. Shibaguyz Says:

    Gotta love all of these gardens you are finding along the streets in your neighborhood. We are THRILLED to see so many urban gardeners taking back their spaces and using them for food. WOOHOO!!

  2. Cynthia Says:

    Wow, what a little treasure to have growing near the sidewalk! I hope my carrots do that well this fall.

  3. Racquel Says:

    As always a great use of unused space. 🙂

  4. greenwalks Says:

    Shibaguyz –

    You said it. Woo hoo! Hooray for street gardens and their tenders. I think they make life better for all of us.


    Cynthia –

    I like to think of the owners coming out to the street and pulling a few for their dinner. Hope you get a great harvest!


    Racquel –

    I know, isn’t it cool?! I always get so excited when I see something new or unusual out there on the street.

    – Karen

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