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Weedin’ Wednesday September 24, 2008

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Folks on Blotanical, the gardening blog round-up site, have a tradition called “Bloomin’ Tuesday,” where they share photos of what’s flowering in their gardens each week. I’m not suggesting a knock-off or anything, but since I never seem to get around to the Tuesday tradition, I made up one of my own for this week: “Weedin’ Wednesday.”

I hadn’t been out to check on the parking strip garden in a while, beyond just glancing at it on my way elsewhere, so I hauled out my trusty pickle bucket, pruners and trowel to see what was growing there without my permission.

It wasn’t too bad, so I’ll spare you individual photos of each culprit. It took me a while to fill up the bucket with an assortment of unwanted or unsightly invaders – quack grass, spent California poppies, St. John’s wort seedlings (three full years after eradication and they’re still coming back – I’ve heard it can take five or longer, and that it can regenerate from any part of the plant!?!), various dandelion relatives. Now that the rains are setting in, I’m sure they’ll start to really get going.


I figure every weed I pull now is exponentially fewer that I have to nab next spring. Then again, it may be false economy, especially in places that don’t have something else going in to keep the weeds from just coming back again in the same place. At least I find weeding to be therapeutic, in small doses anyway.

Gayla at You Grow Girl wrote this thought-provoking post about stuff that ends up in her street garden. She seems to be braving a much more urban environment than mine, with a lot of puzzling and dispiriting human behavior impacting her efforts to beautify the neighborhood. I’m pretty lucky, the only thing I’ve found in months was this piece of candy wrapper, which could have been there for a while, hiding under stuff:


I have got to be more ruthless now and next year about pulling out the seemingly endless parade of aster seedlings. It’s so hard to yank out stuff I know will eventually produce pretty flowers and provide food for the bees and butterflies, but they are really taking over and are just too tall to be where they are – they’re cutting the light for some of my other plants. Here’s a shot of what they look like as tiny babies – they’re in the foreground, some of the leaves have rust spots. The marigold pictured was a volunteer, I think, but is well-behaved so I let it stay. The thing that looks like a string of red licorice (hm, must have candy on the brain after finding that wrapper) is a shoot from the “Pink Panda” strawberry that I will also have everywhere if I’m not careful…


All better now. Well, I left more poppies and bachelor’s buttons than I probably should have, but what can I say, I’m weak where their cheery recurrence is concerned. Plan for tomorrow: buy mulch so I don’t have to do this so often!



4 Responses to “Weedin’ Wednesday”

  1. Megan Says:

    I had a big weeding Wednesday yesterday, too. I had to clear out for some workers coming out to the house. I had a hard to reach area with some seriously out of control blackberries. I got as many as I could before I ran out of room in my compost bin. I’m thinking about posting pictures, but I don’t want people to see how bad it was.

  2. Willi Says:

    This spring I got a load of compost and randomly tons of petunias and pansies sprouted. V. strange, but I figured it was better than bindweed and have been letting them grow!

  3. Racquel Says:

    Wish I could of joined in but it’s raining cats & dogs here. The mulch sounds like a good plan, it does cut down on the weeds a lot. Your garden looks nice & tidy again. Good for you!

  4. greenwalks Says:

    Megan –

    You should totally post your blackberry pics, if you haven’t already – isn’t it okay to show a mess as long as you can also show the satisfying “after” pic with it all cleaned up?! Blackberries are so hard to get rid of, plus they bite!


    Willi –

    Hey, I’m all for volunteers as long as they are well-behaved. Those two seem unlikely to become a problem and are easy to pull out if you decide you don’t want them. Don’t get me started on bindweed, though!?!


    Racquel –

    Well, I don’t know about tidy, but it did feel good to get at least some of it a bit more under control. Hope you get a break in the rain soon so you can get back to work!

    – Karen

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