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Reply-o-rama September 25, 2008

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One thing that I don’t seem to have got the hang of with this whole blogging thing is the replying-to-comments part. I already feel like I spend a ton of time (that I could instead be putting to use in the garden or on a million other things) on the writing, photos, and visits to other people’s sites. It’s astonishing to me how well some of you manage to keep up not only with your gardens and posts, but also with your comment replies.

I was feeling really guilty about it today, not to mention avoiding some other big projects and boring house tasks, so I decided to do a comment-reply marathon and not go to sleep until I finished. Well, it’s 11:20 pm and I’m finally done!

Reading through all of the comments I’ve received from visitors to Greenwalks really warmed my heart. Whether people stopped by once or have come back almost daily, I truly and deeply appreciate every (non-spam) word, whether it’s encouragement, a tip or hint, a story shared from your own experience, or something you saw and wanted to pass along. I made every effort to respond to each comment individually, but forgive me if I accidentally skipped a few. I was getting pretty tired towards the end!

My in-laws are coming for a visit tomorrow so I may not have time to put up anything until next week. Until then, happy fall gardening (and blogging) to you all, and thanks again to those who took the time to connect here.

Late summer color


5 Responses to “Reply-o-rama”

  1. Shibaguyz Says:

    No need to reply to this one… just thanks for being interactive with your readers. Have fun with the in-laws!

  2. Racquel Says:

    It can be time consuming to answer comments, especially when you need to do some gardening. I try to respond quickly because I feel guilty otherwise. 🙂 Enjoy your in-law’s visit and don’t worry about responding to this comment. Happy Blogging!

  3. Megan Says:

    When I started my blog, I pulled a few all nighters and was generally overwhelmed, but I’ve settled into a rhythm and I’m pretty efficient about getting to it all. Reading other blogs in a feed reader instead of checking for new content has made me much better. Now if I could figure out how to set up the RSS feed on my own blog, I’d be set.

  4. greenwalks Says:

    Sg –

    You’re welcome! It was long overdue, and I’m vowing to be more prompt in my responses from now on.


    Racquel –

    I really admire how dedicated you are to your blog audience. Not to mention your frequent comments here and elsewhere. Thanks for being so organized, unlike some of us!


    Megan –

    Wow, all-nighters, that’s some serious blogging! I felt really heroic there at 11:30pm… A feed reader would be a good idea for me, I need to figure that one out. Good luck with the RSS, I’m afraid I don’t have any useful advice there!

    – Karen

  5. Hi Karen. this blog is fascinating. I now know what a parking strip is apart from anything else..If its any consolation although I do try to get back to comments I just cant get time to read other peoples blogs..never mind leave them messages.. but I am now looking at parking strips here with a much more critical eye. I will draw a parking strip plant for you. 🙂

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