Gardening where the sidewalk ends

Trashed Toadstools October 15, 2008

I saw these gigantic mushrooms in someone’s parking strip the other day, the largest were at least seven or eight inches tall. These fungi, which I will not attempt to name but which used to sprout seemingly overnight on our shady, mossy lawn at our previous house, are kind of wonderful and horrifying at once.


Doesn’t it look like a bunch of gnomes got wasted and wrecked their toadstool hotel room? Either that or they forgot to pay off the rat mafia and the goon squad came by. Mushroom mayhem!

Identifying wild mushrooms is a tricky business. Personally, I’d never eat anything I foraged myself, I just don’t know enough. But local mycological societies often offer classes on ID-ing. Be careful, though – you don’t want to end up on the liver transplant list! Here is a nifty site that has very clear photos of many basic wild mushroom types.

And if you see some hung-over gnomes stumbling around looking for a new place to crash, they probably came from my neck of the woods.


3 Responses to “Trashed Toadstools”

  1. Racquel Says:

    Too funny GW, lol. Thanks for the link for mushrooms though.

  2. Fungi are indeed magical and weird. I agree with you about being careful about the i.d., though! And yet more thanks for the site, I’m gradually (carefully!) learning more about mushrooms, though I think I’d avoid the drunken gnomes…

  3. jgh Says:

    It must be mushroom season – I’ve seen them on a few blogs this week and found some in my backyard, too. These do look storybooklike.

    I’m impressed with your fall lettuce garden. I tried to grow lettuce in shade this year to prevent it from bolting. (I swear I did this on the advise of a professional gardener!) I’ve got a little bit of kale but that’s about it.

    Looks like your little guys will be well nourished.

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