Gardening where the sidewalk ends

Late to the Party October 19, 2008

Down in the parking strip garden, ripping out the awful-looking late-season asters (they have a horrible rust-looking problem, visible in the photo below, so I may just yank out all that come up next spring), I came upon a nice little surprise. I had spent the summer bemoaning my lack of cosmos re-seeding volunteers, even as some other garden bloggers were commenting that they had almost more than they wanted.

So, it was with great delight that I found, where the asters had been hiding them, a few late season cosmos. This one, a bright bubble-gum pink, even has another bud or two on it. It’s getting pretty cold here at night, into the high 30s, so it may not bloom further. But I’m grateful to have seen it at least briefly.

Late Volunteer Cosmos</a


One Response to “Late to the Party”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Are you sure you didn’t sneak into my garden and steal that shot? 😉 It looks just like some of mine! It’s a very pretty shot- nice and clear. The foliage looks pretty in it. Cosmos are so photogenic!

    Mine are still flowering. I never had the heart to yank them all up but I’m sure the cooler temps will do them in soon- that is until next year when all those dropped seeds make themselves known!

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