Gardening where the sidewalk ends

Day of Rest October 26, 2008

In (lazy) celebration of my 100th post yesterday, I am taking the day off for the first time since starting this blog back in early August. There is much to do around the house and we are heading over to my folks’ for another round of cider pressing this afternoon, so thinking up topic, fiddling with photos, and writing an even moderately interesting post is just not in the cards today.

Instead, I will wish you all a happy day either in the garden or doing something else that you enjoy (or at least the satisfaction of getting necessary tasks done, which can at least be enjoyable in retrospect once those things are crossed off the to-do list!), and offer you this photo of my last fennel flower of the summer. The green vase was an apartment-warming gift, many years ago, from a dear friend who is no longer alive. She had a fabulous garden and was one of the folks who got me started thinking how nice it would be to someday have one of my own.

Fennel flower in green vase


6 Responses to “Day of Rest”

  1. Racquel Says:

    Congrats on your 100th post! You deserve a break. 🙂

  2. Aerie-el Says:

    What a milestone to reach–congratulations!
    And such a beautiful vase and flower upon which to pause, take stock, and celebrate life. You’ve got some mighty powerful symbolism in that simple scene.
    Enjoy the beautiful day with your family!

  3. Jen Says:

    Wow, every day since August?? Good work and congratulations!

  4. Georgia Says:

    You are a prolific blogger. Happy 100th!

  5. Marijke Says:

    this is dille isn’t it? or, how do you call it in English, fennel? venkel we call it in dutch. most vase flowers you can’t eat, but for this one it’s okay, as long as there’s no pesticide on it :o)

  6. Philip Says:

    You are so diligent in producing one wonderful post after another!
    It is a pleasure to read your blog. Very uplifting,too.
    I love the vase, and the fennel is the perfect touch. I love the russet colored leaves beyond as contrast.
    Just lovely, as are all your posts!

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