Gardening where the sidewalk ends

The Joys of Looking Down October 29, 2008

Sometimes I get a crick in my neck from looking down all the time as I walk. I’m not going to get into some metaphor for this as my mode of living, although I do tend toward the pessimistic at times. Really, I’m just looking at the plants! Sometimes, I’m rewarded with a special little tableau put out there by Mother Nature and I wonder if anyone else saw it before it was disrupted by wind, rain, critter or rake.

This was one from a parking strip garden near my house:

Water on leaf

No, I didn’t arrange any of that. Just saw it and snapped the pic. The stones, the evergreen needles, the tiny green groundcover leaves, and the dew on the fallen tree leaves looked like a still life painting to me.

When you walk, where do you look? Up at the clouds or down at the plants?


7 Responses to “The Joys of Looking Down”

  1. tina Says:

    I am looking down too and have a perpetual crick in my neck.

  2. Sheila Says:

    I always look down and my pilates instructor gives me havoc about it. I think it comes from being a gardener and always looking at the path and the details!

  3. I’m a down-looker, too! I love finding surprises like these. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. AnnA Says:

    Count me in as a down looker. Lucky you had your camera along. I was looking down not long ago and found a buffalo nickle.

  5. Curmudgeon Says:

    Yup, a down-looker here too. Lovely pic! –Curmudgeon

  6. Kanak Says:

    Wow, even the stones are lovely! I’m a down-looker too but of late, with all the sky shots on Blotanical, I find myself gazing skyward, even if the sky isn’t all dressed up!

    Thanks, Karen for your beautiful words on my blog…
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Eva Says:

    I’m a down-looker too! 🙂 Although I do try to get myself to look up in the sky sometimes too. I *should* probably spend more time looking ahead, but where’s the fun in that?

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

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