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Late Bloomers November 19, 2008

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This has been a really weird weather year here in Seattle. We had a super wet August, dry October, and now it has been mild and not really getting down to freezing at night much. Some flowering plants died back a while ago, but others are still going strong, what seems like much later than usual.

We had parent/teacher conferences the other day. I had seen a photo of the Obamas heading in to their own school conference and noticed that Michelle was carrying a lovely bouquet of roses, presumably for the teacher. That gave me an idea, since we love our daughter’s teacher, to get together some stuff for a thank-you basket.

I don’t have more than a few Martha genes in my body, but somehow they came to the surface in this case. I found a basket, a new cloth “fall” napkin, then started tossing stuff in (silly cat playing cards, pears and apples from my folks’, cranberry curd, licorice caramels – sounds weird but they are TO DIE FOR – votive candle with pretty holder, etc).

Teacher appreciation basket

Then I went out to see what was in the garden for a little bouquet. I don’t usually pick too many flowers, even in summer, since I prefer to have them out there for all to enjoy. But nearly everything is going to fall prey to frost eventually, so it doesn’t matter. Most came from the parking strip, and it was fun to see all those colors still hanging in there this late in the season (late November)!

November?! bouquet

Bachelor’s buttons (volunteers for the past few years), fennel, wallflower, tangerine sage, sweet alyssum, trailing rosemary, calendula, even a poppy!

Teachers are some of the hardest working and most important people in the world, and in my opinion they should be paid double (or more) what they are, considering how vital their role is in shaping the future of the world. I had a terrible, mean teacher for kindergarten and it made me hate school – I feel so fortunate that my daughter is getting a better start, with someone who is kind and caring. I hope her teacher likes flowers, because she’s going to be getting a lot from us!


9 Responses to “Late Bloomers”

  1. Joy Says:

    That is such a thoughtful home made gift you are giving your daughter’s teacher ! I’m sure she will appreciate it very much : )
    It is amazing to see those late bloomers.. I’m afraid ours are “toast” for sure now here in Ontario .. snow is coming big time LOL

  2. Curmudgeon Says:

    As a teacher, let me just say that I think your gift basket and flower bouquet is thoughtful beyond words.

  3. jgh Says:

    Fantastic idea, Karen. My conferences were last week and I was so anxious I didn’t even think about gifts. Most of the time the class moms organize and end of year or holiday gift and I always feel like it’s so impersonal. Cut flowers from the garden are really appreciated and unlike anything else they will receive. I also like the way you’ve incorporated herbs.

  4. easygardener Says:

    How kind of you – I’m sure the teacher will be thrilled.

  5. Michelle Says:

    We’ve had an unusual weather year down here in Calif. as well. A cool spring and early summer and now a warm fall that just keeps going (not complaining!), and way too little rain (definitely complaining). Your gift and bouquet are a delight.

  6. Oh, how lovely! I know that teacher felt very special indeed when she got the gift. Thank you for doing that. 🙂

  7. Megan Says:

    What a great idea. Need to figure out where to get those licorice caramels. We’ve got similar weather down here, no freezing yet, which is good since I haven’t finished my winterizing chores. I do see days in the forecast now that get down to the mid 30s, so I suppose it’s time to get to work.

  8. Kristi Says:

    What a thoughtful gift basket. I’m surprised you still have bachelor buttons.

  9. Racquel Says:

    What a lovely gift basket Karen! I love the bouquet you put together from your garden. Those homemade gifts are the best, they come from the heart. Hope she enjoyed it!

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