Gardening where the sidewalk ends

Back from Cali November 29, 2008

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We had a great trip to the Bay Area, got back late last night. Saw a lot of friends and family, soaked up some sun, and I even managed to take a few photos of street gardens and other vaguely blog-related stuff. Today is all about unpacking, laundry, sorting a huge pile of mail, cleaning out the fridge (yuck!), and other returning-home boringness, though, so a real post will have to wait until tomorrow.

Hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a great one, and I look forward to catching up on all of your blogs in the coming days.

Pies pies pies


5 Responses to “Back from Cali”

  1. Racquel Says:

    Yum, those pies look good!

  2. Aerie-el Says:

    I love that you have a label for the pies, and that you have wheat-free, dairy-free pie/pies.

    Welcome back from Cali to Washi!

  3. AnnA Says:

    Oh how are home with your bulbs and parking strip. It’s been mundane without you. I’ll have a piece of each pie! Like I didn’t have enough already.

  4. fairegarden Says:

    Hi Karen, what lovely pies. They are so photogenic! Welcome home and back to the normal routine. I love seeing the family, but also love the day to day stuff of our lives.


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