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Unusual Winter Food for Crows December 16, 2008

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Crazy times here at the end of the year, haven’t been able to do much more than lament my lack of time for writing blog posts, reading others’ or leaving comments. I look forward to getting back to all of that, probably not until  January though!

Things have been so hectic that I can’t even seem to remember to take my camera with me when I leave the house. I’m usually driving these days, sadly, no “greenwalks” for me at the moment.

In the parking strip a few blocks from our house, someone had put out their (uncarved) pumpkins a few weeks ago in the bare dirt and leaves. Hm, I thought, odd choice but whatever. Then someone else (I suspect teenagers but maybe that’s unfair) smashed every single one of them, leaving them in place but completely shattered. Before the rot could set in, we got a really crazy cold snap (for here) and they have been perfectly preserved in their new forms. The result is oddly artistic, and I have been watching them every day as I drive by to see what will happen next.

Well, during the afternoon school run the other day, we were driving by and saw a funny sight – 6 or more crows happily nibbling away on the pumpkin shards! Maybe it tasted like pumpkin ice cream to them (one of my favorite flavors at the legendary Mitchell’s Ice Cream in San Francisco, it’s only available in the fall and early winter and I missed going there on our last visit). I lamented my lack of a camera, and my daughter asked “why, is it for your blog?” Oh dear, I guess she’s heard that word a few too many times around here! So I said yes, I wished I’d been able to take a picture of it and she said “Well, I could draw a picture and then you could put that in your blog instead.” How could I resist an offer like that?

In her rendition, there is only one pumpkin, and the crows are flying over it, not eating it, but that’s artistic license (and 5 year olds) for you. 🙂

Crows & pumpkin drawing


13 Responses to “Unusual Winter Food for Crows”

  1. Georgia Says:

    An awesome rendition!

  2. Michele Says:

    I LOVE it. You should have her draw for your blog more. Your own personal artist!

  3. Racquel Says:

    How sweet was that! I always forget my camera too, but don’t have the fortune of having my own artist like you! 😉

  4. Michelle Says:

    You could say that it’s a Picassoesqe deconstruction! Lovely.

  5. Jen Says:

    Yes, I agree – more art from your daughter please 🙂
    Pretty funny about the crows. I was surprised to learn that dogs like pumpkin, too. They recommend that you mix it with their food if they need to go on a diet. All the best to you and your family this holiday season!

  6. Aerie-el Says:

    That is so sweet of your daughter-excellent artwork, more please.
    Pumpkin…that is what my vet recommended to feed my cats to increase their fiber. LOL, no chance in that happening.

  7. Georgia Says:

    Children really do re-ground us. Your daughter’s drawing really captures the mashed nature of the pumpkin and the dramatic flurry of crow flight.

  8. Kanak Says:

    Hi Karen, somehow the drawing didn’t show up for me. But it was so sweet of your daughter to offer to draw for you! All of five, that too! Loved reading all about the pumpkin and the crows!

  9. Scott Says:

    Very cute! I can’t wait for my infant daughter to be able to give me her artistic interpretations. She, and the garden, are where I find my peace. Come Spring I will be able to have both of them together in one place and we can pet the bees together.

  10. Oh I love it–both the crows and your daughter’s willingness to sketch the seen. You are training her well. 😉

  11. easygardener Says:

    It’s very handy having your own personal illustrator. She has captured all the essentials -and it made me smile!

  12. Wonderful, your daughter´s drawing is just lovely, and her way of being so confident in providing it for you blog is even more lovely. The feet of the crows – just look at them, so many “toes” and the beaks so clearly accented. I just love kids drawings, they really see things in a direct way compared to us…

  13. Curmudgeon Says:

    Our turpumpkin is completely buried under snow! At least this way you can’t see the big hole the squirrels had eaten in the side of it! How are you all doing with the digging out process up your way? Here the main/flat streets are pretty clear. The side streets are sled runs for kids and adults alike. I heard “more snow” on the news today. Are they kidding? We were out and about Sunday and got a pic of those palms down by Ross Park–all covered in snow! Too funny. I used to make fun of my mom who lives down in FL because they string lights up the trunks of their palm trees during the holidays. A snow covered palm is probably more ridiculous than a palm with Christmas lights up the trunk!

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