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Seattle Area Garden Bloggers Meet-up? January 2, 2009

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I’ve been thinking for a while that it might be fun to get together with the actual humans behind the Seattle-area gardening blogs I’ve been reading and enjoying so much in the past few months. It seems like folks in other areas (Austin, TX comes to mind) have done this, so it’s certainly not an original idea, but since it’s winter and we can’t do all that much actual gardening at the moment, maybe we could at least meet up and talk about gardening, blogging, planning for next summer, or whatever people wanted to discuss.

If this ends up happening and we decide to do it again, maybe we could pick a monthly meeting date and people could take turns “hosting.” I’m probably getting ahead of myself here, but I thought maybe the host could bring something to nosh on that either comes from their garden or is at least vaguely related (I could make thyme scones if any of my thyme survived the freeze – keep forgetting to check!). Or we could try for a field trip someday, to the Bloedel Reserve maybe or Kubota Gardens or elsewhere. We could also discuss gardening books we’ve been reading lately that have sparked our interest, or ??? Your ideas are most welcome! I’m not much of an organizer by nature but just thought I’d throw this out and see if anyone was interested.

I thought that we could try for our first meeting either the last weekend in January or the first in February, and that it might be interesting to meet at the Miller Library at the UW Center for Urban Horticulture. They have free meeting space, which I’d be happy to reserve if there’s any interest.


If it seems like something you’d enjoy, feel free to either comment here or to email me at

PS I certainly don’t mean to exclude anyone outside the Seattle area – if you live further afield but would be up for the journey, please let me know!!!

(Image courtesy of the UW Center for Urban Horticulture site)


22 Responses to “Seattle Area Garden Bloggers Meet-up?”

  1. Ronnie Says:

    Hey! I was recently pondering writing a similar post to see if there’s any interest to Bloggers in San Francisco…and the Bay Area too of course! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Best in ’09!

  2. fairegarden Says:

    Hi Karen, that library looks like a perfect place for garden bloggers to meet up, full of inspiration in the surroundings and the books held withing. In fact, your idea sounds like Seattle could be the site of the next Spring Fling, 2010! I’m just planting a seed here and hope it grows. I would love to come to Seattle and it sounds like there are great places for garden types to tour and enjoy! 🙂


  3. Oooh, I’d try very hard to come to a Seattle spring fling! I love Seattle, and I’d love to get a tour of gardens there.
    Of course, fitting it into the busy semester might be a problem, but if it just happened to land on spring break… 😉

  4. Post script: but don’t feel pressured to host the garden bloggers’ spring fling, Karen, unless you want to. 🙂 It would be a big task to take on.

  5. If I lived in Seattle, I’d sign up.

    Ronnie, I live in the East Bay!

  6. Racquel Says:

    What a great idea Karen! There are several VA gardeners in my area and I had similar thoughts myself for the future. In fact I am getting together with one of them next spring for a garden tour. 🙂

  7. jean Says:

    Karen this sounds like fun. I would want to lean more toward a party than a meeting – somewhere with food and drink maybe. I will keep checking to see how plans progress. Do we have any idea how many folks we are?

  8. Curmudgeon Says:

    Woohoo! Count the Wenches in! Meeting or party, either sounds good. End of Jan. sounds good too. Can we do anything to help with the organizing?

  9. Aerie-el Says:

    Hi Karen,
    Count me in! CUH is a great location. Of course Kubota Gardens are lovely to visit any time of the year…or Bloedel…or the Washington Park Arboretum…or … or…wherever gardeners gather.

  10. Paula Says:

    I’m interested and available, except for Jan 24th. Haven’t been to the Miller Library. It sounds perfect. Not sure what I would have to bring from the garden, but I can bring something else. I know, something made from my stored pumpkins?
    Thanks for the great idea! Paula

  11. Pam/Digging Says:

    Once you reach critical mass, a meet-up of garden bloggers is inevitable—and so much fun! We Austin bloggers have been meeting for a couple of years, and the 2008 Garden Bloggers Spring Fling was a natural outgrowth of that. Have fun at your meet-up. I look forward to reading all about it.

  12. Wild Flora Says:

    Hi Karen,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I loved gardening in Seattle and miss my garden there, would have loved to come to the Seattle garden bloggers meeting. But I now live in Nova Scotia, which is almost exactly 4,000 miles away (I know because I drove it), so I probably won’t make it. I’m sure it will be a great event and wish you all the best with it.

    Anyone in the Seattle area who has not visited the Miller Library is certainly in for a treat. However, probably the greatest experience in my gardening life in Seattle was the opportunity to visit Elisabeth Miller’s garden. She is the “Miller” in “Miller Library” and probably one of the greatest gardeners in American history. Her garden is the most spectacular garden I’ve ever seen. After her death, the garden was at risk but I see from the Internet that it is now the Miller Botanical Garden and that they do offer a very limited number of tours which can be booked starting on Feb. 1. I haven’t seen this garden in more than a decade and can only hope that it’s been well maintained, but I think the dedication to her legacy is pretty strong. If you live in the area and love gardens, this is not to be missed. The website is

    Stay wild,
    “Wild” Flora

  13. Melanthia Says:

    I’d definitely be up for meeting later this month or February. And a monthly gathering would be wonderful. Let me know what I can do to help!

  14. David Perry Says:

    But of course. I’d love to connect names with faces, with blogs.
    And given this fascinating new economy, I find that my calendar has several availabilities. Ha.

  15. Molly Says:

    Sounds wonderful! Count me in. Maybe we could have a seed swap one month, too, just to get the juices flowing. I’d be happy to host a meetup.

  16. greenwalks Says:

    OK people, I think we have a quorum! Eight folks said yes (including me), plus one maybe. I will call the Miller Library tomorrow and see about reserving a date, and will post an update soon. Exciting!

  17. My kid’s social calendar normally trumps mine but if I can make it work I will plan on being there.

  18. gardenmentor Says:

    Let me know when & where, and I’ll do my best to join in. Swanson’s nursery has a fantastic indoor garden cafe…in case we want to meet somewhere that has coffee and cookies. We could reserve a table…you know where to find me when the time comes. 🙂

  19. Lorene Says:

    Count me in for the Seattle Garden Bloggers meet up. I’ll probably make a pest of myself asking everyone technical questions to ease some of my blogging headaches! Let me know the date and where.

  20. Hello Karen,
    a late reply, but yes, I would be interested in meeting my fellow bloggers. The Miller Library sounds perfect, I have it on my list anyway, and what is better than meeting others there too. I’ll be checking your blog for dates…

    • greenwalks Says:

      Hi IG – I too am looking forward to wandering around the Miller Library, if I can get there a bit early. Ditto the gardens, which I have not visited in a long while.

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