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This Land Was Made For You and Me January 19, 2009

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The indomitable almost-90-year-old Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen, and Woody Guthrie’s greatest song, all coming together to celebrate this historic time in our country.

Happy Inauguration, everyone!

(OK, if it had “land” in the title, can I count this as a garden-related post?)


6 Responses to “This Land Was Made For You and Me”

  1. A very meaningful, almost poignant moment in musical and political history! Thanks for sharing this great footage! Bruce still rocks.

  2. Amber waves of grain…from another song, of course, but also a gardeny phrase…

  3. fairegarden Says:

    Sometimes we go off the garden topic, this is one of those very special days in our lives where it will be welcomed by all.

  4. Curmudgeon Says:

    I’m giddy times two! I grew up in DE and my very first political involvement was during my sophomore year in high school working on Biden’s re-election campaign for his 2nd term in the Senate.

  5. Aerie-el Says:

    It was an exciting and perfect day, wasn’t it? Happy inauguration to everyone across the land!!

  6. Gail Says:

    I love Pete Seeger…he is a grand old man! Tuesday was the best day we’ve had in a long time! Well since November! gail

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