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Party Palms January 31, 2009

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I considered titling this “Parking Strip Oddities – Xmas in January Edition” but it was too long to fit. Suffice to say that I have never seen this in any of my Seattle Greenwalks before…

Party palms

I think that the whole lights-on-a-tree thing can be really magical if the lights are little and twinkly (and white, in my opinion) and the tree is a graceful arching shape. I’d also have to say that I subtract aesthetic points for giant visible extension cords.

Xmas fronds

Poor palms, they don’t seem to have weathered the winter very well. Maybe their festive girdles didn’t manage to keep them very warm. If they survive, perhaps the owners should wrap them in Santa-print burlap next year?


9 Responses to “Party Palms”

  1. shibaguyz Says:

    Good grief… all dressed up and nowhere to go!

    Unfortunately, a lot of exotics that typically do well in our winters are not surviving this year. Have you seen all the Brazilian Flax lying around dead?? ugh… Spring cleanup is going to be heck this year…

  2. Monica Says:

    I am of two minds on Xmas decorations. On the one hand, I truly appreciate a tasteful, display with small twinkling lights. On the other hand, I do also love really colorful over the top displays, orange extension cord not withstanding. I bet they look nice at night, as I imagine the colorful glow off the lights makes the leaves look neat.

  3. Catherine Says:

    That is an interesting look, maybe if the palms were a bit taller…?

  4. Melanthia Says:

    Maybe the palms are dying from embarrassment, or trying to hide their gaudy skirts. You know how a dog will crawl under a table after a particularly horrible haircut?

  5. Grace Says:

    Those palms are a combination of sadness and hilarity. And those Christmas lights! Maybe one of their kids put them up and the parents didn’t have the heart to redo them. I’m guilty of this.

    I do hope the palms survive. Ours (I don’t grow one but the palms I see around town) are looking okay. I think it got much colder up north than it did here in Albany. This will be a great year to see what plants really are hardy. It’s heartbreaking to lose a few but, heck it’s just another excuse to go plant shopping.

  6. Chloe M Says:

    Karen –

    These are hysterical! And those giant red extension cords…..

    Really, you are doing a public service to post these on your blog, thank you!

    Chloe M.

  7. Jen Says:

    What would the homeowner’s association have to say about this? !

    And are the trees trying to play jumprope?

    Ya gotta wonder what it looks like turned on, though…

  8. Very funny. They look like palms into some sort of bondage fetish. A headline with “bondage” in it might have seen your number of visitors spike!

  9. Michelle Says:

    I think you should start an ongoing “hall of shame” post about particularly bad examples of parking strips. This could be the headliner! LOL, those poor things. Looks like a really bad hula day.

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