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Looking Forward to Saturday February 4, 2009

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It seems like eons ago, rather than just a few weeks, that I put out the call to local garden bloggers asking if anyone would be up for a face-to-face meet-up. I figured maybe one or two would say yes and if anyone else was even a maybe, it would be a miracle.

The response, both from local invitees and folks further afield who wished they could be here, has been thrilling. I am so excited to meet these people as humans, not just avatars, and hope it’s fun enough that we decide to do it again so that those who can’t make it this time can be included in the future.

The Gardeness over at Garden Muse was kind enough to help me brainstorm some topics for the gathering. I would also welcome any further input by Friday afternoon so that I can try to put together at least a rough agenda. So far, we have these proposed topics (including some that came in via comments, thanks!):

Introductions Does anyone have spare sticky nametags? If not, I will try to go and buy some.

Organization name Oh please, not SAGBUTT!!??!! I’m sure someone can come up with something better, and less embarassing, than my initial in-jest suggestion!

Listserv for those who are interested

Facebook page for those like me who are also wasting time on FB

Garden hopes/plans for the next growing season – maybe a specific focus, like what are you planting for spring/summer and what are your biggest challenges in the garden?

Ideas for future meet-ups Botanical garden tours, seed/plant swaps, relevant volunteering/community service, checking each others’ gardens out, etc

Garden Show What days are people going? Do they want to meet up there?

Blogging technicality questions Platforms, functions, bugs, etc.  Maybe we could keep this one fairly brief and leave most of the details for the listserv, if that idea is a go?

Parking lot swap Jute bags for weed barrier use have been kindly offered by Paula of Petunia’s Garden. Anything else garden-related you have excess of and would like to share?

Next meeting Should it be on a Sunday so people who work on Saturdays can come? Could we make it work as a regular thing, like the third Sunday of the month or ??

Please add to this as you wish but also consider that two hours is probably going to fly by and there’s a chance we won’t get to everything the first go-round. Also want to say that I am definitely not “in charge” of this group by any means and am not a natural meeting leader to boot, so I hope it will just shake out as a fun, cooperative gathering and a chance to share our common interests. Then anyone who has time to stick around afterward can visit the surrounding gardens. Maybe we’ll even get some ideas for our own plots!

Look forward to meeting all who can come. Full details here, recap below.

Woo hoo!

Seattle Area Garden Bloggers’ Meet-up

Saturday, February 7, 12:30-2:30pm

Conference Room, Elisabeth C. Miller Library

UW Center for Urban Horticulture, Merrill Hall, Room 102

3501 NE 41st Street, Seattle


(Image courtesy of katiescrapbooklady via Flickr Creative Commons. To see more by this photographer, click here.)


10 Responses to “Looking Forward to Saturday”

  1. Racquel Says:

    Have fun!

  2. gardenmentor Says:

    Unfortunately, I’m probably not going to make it afterall. I’m just up to my earlobes in garden coaching right now. Saturdays are the prime times for the 9-5ers, so it looks like this group meeting is out for me. Please do let me know how it goes & if you will, raincheck me for next time.

    Have fun everyone!

  3. Jen Says:

    Sounds so wonderful, have a great time.


  4. Melanthia Says:

    Hi Karen. OK, so I’m one of those Facebook addicts. Therefore, I created a Seattle-area Garden Bloggers page. I left it closed so it requires admin approval for now until we decide how we want to handle “membership” on that type of medium.

  5. Catherine Says:

    Have fun! Wish I could be there. Sundays are usually good for me, no kids sports that day 🙂
    Bellevue Botanical Gardens are very nice for a future possible meeting place.
    I also like to waste time on Facebook, although much less since I found Blotanical.

  6. Daniel Mount Says:

    Looking forward to talking blogging instead of blogging.
    See you there ,D.

  7. Y’all have a great time!

  8. Georgia Says:

    You’re on Fb!

  9. Paula Says:

    Ohhh…. I may have to survey for interest on the coffee bags and supply them later. I let time slip by and didn’t arrange to pick up a load. And now already have my car committed for another transporting thing tomorrow. I will bring some I have already, but not a full load. They don’t fit everyone’s garden decor anyway!

    I’m looking forward to the event!

  10. Aerie-el Says:

    I am totally bummed…I won’t be able to attend today, but am interested in the next one. Please keep me on the list!
    My email is Gardeners(dot)Roost@gmail(dot)com

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