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Mother Nature to Seattle: HA! February 9, 2009

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Her next sentence would probably be “Fooled you!” followed by “Did you really think that little spate of sun and warmth meant it was Spring?!? If so, then you are dimmer than I thought!”

We in the Pacific Northwest sometimes have short memories when it comes to the arrival of spring. We rejoice in the arrival of the first crocuses or snowdrops bursting forth from the ground and are almost automatically lulled into the feeling that winter has been banished. Then, more often than not, another set of freezing temps and a snowfall or two arrives in February to burst our bubbles and remind us that we really do have four seasons, even if they do get a bit jumbled together at times.

This was the scene outside our front window this morning:

Japanese maple and Port Orford cedar with snow dusting

I didn’t plant that dwarf Japanese maple, but I like how it looks with a dusting of snow.

Fully flowering witch hazel with little puffs of white on each blossom is not a bad view from the dining room, either (once again, can’t take credit, but am grateful for the previous gardener’s forethought):

Garden snow scene

School was delayed by two hours but at least it wasn’t canceled. I had a lot to do today so was grateful to Mother Nature for sending the morning sun to start the melt-off going.

Poor old rosemary, snowed under again

That poor rosemary, if it survives this winter it will be a miracle. Actually, it will probably take over the earth by midsummer unless I do something to stop it!

Our city is lovely under a little snow blanket but we don’t do too well when it sticks around. Even with under an inch, there were accidents, bus wipe-outs and bridge closures that backed up morning commute traffic for miles. This place is just not built for snow driving – too many hills, too much ice, no budget for road clearing/de-icing and too many inexperienced winter drivers. As I type this, we have had a very wacky weather evening starting with hail/sleet, followed by an oddball winter thunderstorm, and now snow is beginning to fall again.

What has Mother Nature been doing to surprise the heck out of you these days?

Black pussy willows in winter light

(Black pussy willows courtesy of Molly at Life on Tiger Mountain, via our bloggers’ gathering on Saturday. Thanks, Molly!)


13 Responses to “Mother Nature to Seattle: HA!”

  1. Catherine Says:

    It was snowing again last I looked. I thought I saw lightening awhile ago. I can’t remember it snowing this much since I was a kid here. Your witch hazel does look like little puffs.

  2. Melanthia Says:

    We were still getting snow/hail this evening. Spring better be absolutely fantastic this year!

  3. shibaguyz Says:

    Come on!! And we were SOOOO CLOSE!! AAAAGGGHHH!! I’m starting to feel like Charlie Brown kicking that football… good grief…

  4. Matron Says:

    We’ve had the most snow here in London for 18 years! just a few inches and the whole city came to a halt!

  5. Jen Says:

    Saw the grass in my front yard for the first time in ages yesterday! Puddles from melted snow were forming everywhere. But today all the puddles are frozen over again. At least I can still see the grass. That witch hazel is cool looking.

  6. My goodness, you guys are really getting an earful from MN this year, aren’t you? We’ve only had the lightest dusting and one good freeze. It looks like a long dry year ahead of us here.

  7. Racquel Says:

    Ouch, that was a late winter surprise I’m sure! Your garden looks pretty.

  8. Megan Says:

    Such good snow, I’m envious. I’m hoping we get a little dusting here today. It’s snowing this morning, but only sticking on the rooftops so far. It’s not supposed to get below 33 degrees, which is the rudest temperature there ever was. Your witch hazel does look great. It makes me wish mine hadn’t prematurely bloomed.

  9. Georgia Says:

    High 70s then rain (we need more) then bone chilling temperatures (for Berkeley). Buds are bursting so I hope we don’t get a severe cold snap.

  10. Michelle Says:

    Oh wow, I can’t believe you got hit again! Around here the snow is only falling on the peaks – I can see it out there now.

  11. Camellia Says:

    England got a real treat last week – when I had sneaked off to Sweden, my country of origin. Being a Swede, we’re thoroughly “educated” in dealing with snow, it sort of comes with the mother’s milk. I do feel sorry for all the Englishmen skidding about on summer tyres. But my (English) partner said our home town never looked so pretty as covered in a layer of snow. A Dickensian postcard.

  12. Daniel Mount Says:

    Fools we are! That’s why we need to get outside more. Thanks for you’re beautiful response to my blog about blogging. I was hoping to initiate some dialogue, because I’m one of those wondering types , too philosophic for that american “just do it” attitude. I’m glad to have met a thoughtful person like you. Via the blog-o-sphere, no less!

  13. easygardener Says:

    Yes the UK is also useless when it comes to coping with snow. The trouble is we don’t have enough of it to make it worth while buying snow ploughs. Till this year of course (lol)

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