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Snow Day at School February 13, 2009

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Snow dusted Seattle not once, but twice this week, rare but not unheard-of for mid-February. School was delayed by a few hours one day but was thankfully on schedule the next. Parents rejoiced citywide. Any more snow day cancellations and the kids will still be in school by the 4th of July!?!

The parking strip at my daughter’s school is not planted up. Too much foot traffic, too many visibility issues, and the parents’ gardening volunteer hours are concentrated elsewhere (courtyard ecosystems, a bamboo grove, and a developing native plant garden, for example). On a late-winter day, though, little shoots of new grass were valiantly battling their way up through the snow.

Grass in snow

The school has a lovely tradition of pairing incoming kindergarten students with 5th grade “buddies” who look out for them on the playground, help them with reading, and, this month, came with them to PE to help them learn to roller skate. It’s a very sweet program that benefits the older kids as much as the little ones, and helps to make everyone feel woven into the school community. This large cedar and its smaller “friend” next to the school’s parking lot reminded me of the big-and-little pairings that have meant so much to decades of kids since this program began.

Big tree, little tree

One of the most fun things about a fresh snow, even as light a sprinkling as this, is seeing all the tracks, human and animal and avian, that appear. Hm, who do you think this one was? A kid’s best friend?

Pawprints in snow


8 Responses to “Snow Day at School”

  1. Sue Says:

    I enjoyed your post. I’ll have to come check your others, as I see you talk about parking strip gardens. I have some flowers in some of my parking strips on our corner lot.

    I like the story of the fifth graders, the kids in kindergarten, and the pic of the trees. Your other snow pics are great, too. Our schools were out in my town in Nebraska due to the snow today.

  2. Grace Says:

    Another great post, Karen. I love the tree “buddy” system. I heard there might be more snow. Nothing down here but it looks like old man winter is a tenacious fellow for you all up north. But not too much for the green grass as you so poignantly illustrated. Schools didn’t have buddy systems back when I was in school (the dark ages). Too bad. I think it’s a great thing. Cheers.

  3. shibaguyz Says:

    Sick of the snow… time for spring planting. LOL

  4. Racquel Says:

    That’s what happened to my kids one year, because of a hurricane and a snowstorm they gave up some holidays.

  5. kanak Says:

    It’s like the summer rains here. Schools remain closed because the roads get flooded. The only difference is that snow looks beautiful! Loved reading about the 5th grade ‘buddies’. What a wonderful tradition!

  6. Catherine Says:

    I think it’s great they do the buddies at your daughter’s school. Now that my daughter is a 5th grader she gets to be the older buddy. She’s loved both experiences.
    Yes, no more school or we’ll have no summer vacation!

  7. Catherine Says:

    I meant no more snow! 🙂

  8. Jen Says:

    We had so many snow days this year that they’re taking a day off our winter break. My daughter is also an older “buddy”! But I think it’s only for reading in our school. So are you going to plant up the school strip??

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