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GBBD for February, 2009 February 15, 2009

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Carol of May Dreams Gardens started the lovely tradition, three years ago today, of hosting Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day on her site. She invites gardeners worldwide to participate, showing what we have blooming on the 15th of each month. Indoors counts too, so those in colder climates can still join in during the winter months. I participated for the first time last month, and really enjoyed seeing what everyone else had going on while all I had was witch hazel.

This month, the witch hazel is still going strong and there is sadly not much else out there to show. Just a few crocus, one of which had been nibbled on by someone (the one at top right, with its orange pollen showing):

February crocus

Mostly things are so dull and dead-looking out there, I fell for the almost eye-stinging brights of some grocery store primroses. Then they have languished in their pots, since I have yet to unwrap the hose bibs from their winter protection so planting has not yet begun at my house.

Primroses unplanted

I thought my giant rosemary bush was going to be toast after being flattened numerous times by the snows. But here it is, hale and hearty and blooming once again, just in case the hummingbirds decide to stop by for a snack.

Rosemary blossoms

These don’t really count, since I didn’t grow them myself, but my dear sweet mother-in-law sent us a totally un-red/pink Valentine’s Day bouquet that is currently spiffing up the sideboard in our dining room. The lilies smell incredible!

Valentine's Bouquet

I know people’s opinions on garden tchotchkes run the gamut from love to detest, but I have allowed more of these in since I had a kid, and have tried to put them near plants that she might not notice otherwise. Hence, Mr. Frog here offers companionship to his little crocus friends, so we don’t forget to see them as we dash by on our busy ways.

Yellow crocus and faux frog

Happy GBBD to all!


18 Responses to “GBBD for February, 2009”

  1. annetanne Says:

    Like you, I only had a witch hazel blooming. But now you have lots of crocusses, and I have only one of them. And my Rosemary has suffered severe damage from the unusual cold winter we had this year. I’m sure it will survive, but I don’t think it will bloom this year.

  2. Sue Says:

    I love your garden tchotchkes and the way you use them.

    Those flowers look very nice on your sideboard. We don’t have room on ours, (which looks a lot like yours) for anything. You make me want to declutter so the pretty wood shows like yours does.

  3. Gail Says:

    Happy Bloom Day to you, too! So tell me what is the secret to getting your rosemaries to bloom…this year mine have sulked at won’t bloom! Love the little froggie…gail

  4. Racquel Says:

    Those Primroses are bright & colorful! I don’t have much either other than Crocus & Pansies. But their is promise of more throughout the garden soon…Happy Bloom Day Karen!

  5. Ronnie Says:

    Your Froggie looks very content next to the crocus. 🙂 I just participated in my very first garden bloggers bloom day!

  6. I think all blooms count, even your store bought blooms. Every bloom is appreciated this time of year. I am surprised to see that you can grow Rosemary. I have tried several times but it is killed during winter. Happy GBBD.

  7. Catherine Says:

    Your primroses are very pretty. They are to resist with such pretty bright colors! I really need to plant some crocus. They are so pretty this time of year!

  8. Grace Says:

    I like the frog. The flowers are nice too and what a nice mother in law you’ve got.

  9. Jen Says:

    Nice, Karen. Good to see what a rosemary bloom looks like – mine always die before I can get them to bloom. As for the tchotchke – bring it on!

  10. Melanthia Says:

    Love the yellow crocus and the frog (we have a turtle with some cheesy saying). We just returned from a trip so I haven’t seen what the garden is doing right now. I posted on blooms I found in Corvallis!

  11. blossom Says:

    The frog – I love it. Purple is always a nice color. I can imagine how you feel discovering those buds growing from the ground.

  12. fairegarden Says:

    Hi Karen, great blooms. Love those loud primroses from the grocer’s. I cannot resist their charms either, even though the snails and slugs decimate them. All flowers count for bloom days too, there are no rules!!!

  13. Molly Says:

    Okay, I fixed the photo of the SAGBs so your eyes are open. (Don’t thank me, thank Photoshop) 🙂

  14. Well, I kinda like Mr. Frog, sitting there all handsome and such. 😉

  15. I long to see my crocuses, but none have bloomed yet! I enjoyed seeing yours.

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

  16. Deirdre Says:

    Enjoyed your bloom day post. I love Crocus. The buttery yellow ones are sweet! I wish they did well down here in Texas but I think there are only a couple of varieties that are perennial in our climate and I never see them for sale.

  17. I love garden tshotchkes! I have a ‘frog’ garden with nothing but ceramic frogs throughout, and a ‘turtle’ garden, with all turtles; both are next to the plants…of course(!).

    Your Rosemary looks good, and I see you fell for the same thing in the store that I did…the primrose! Yes, mine sit with my new green plants and my new flowering plants that I bought at Lowe’s a few days ago. I went nuts and bought them all because there are STILL no outside blooms!!!!

    Have a great day/evening/whatever!

  18. Dreamybee Says:

    I am a huge sucker for things like the brightly-colored primroses. How can you resist? They’re so bright and pretty, and they’re plants! I like your garden frog too. 🙂

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