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Garden Show Rides February 20, 2009

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Since the other blogger in the family (the one who actually pays the bills) writes about cars, there’s a small portion of my brain that was keeping a lookout for them among all the plants at the NW Flower & Garden show.

One of the show gardens, “A Garden I Love” (designed by Adam Gorski), is a whimsical story of a granny who obsessively tinkers with her cherry-red ’67 Mustang, and whose garden echoes the bold color of the car. I believe that is a coral-bark maple in the background.

Red Mustang garden

The kids’ area of the show was partially sponsored by Dream Turf, a somewhat frighteningly lifelike-looking faux grass product. A huge area of the convention center was covered in the turf, as well as this promotional VW Bug.

Turf bug (fake grass)

A segment of the children’s area was devoted to little dioramas and other miniature gardens kids had fashioned. This was one of the larger examples, a golf cart partially covered in soil and plants.

Planted golf cart

The world-famous Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC is launching a new carousel exhibit. They brought the zebra down to Seattle for a brief visit. My daughter is a big carousel fan, so we may need to make a trip up there this summer.

Carousel zebra from Butchart Gardens

These dolls (Priscilla and Elvis??) got a witty mod makeover and were seated in their very own miniature terrace garden. Nice Vespa, man!

Mini-mods in the garden

Finally, I wasn’t sure whether this particular “Show Special” was for real or not. Anyone need a bulldozer?

Bulldozer joke?


15 Responses to “Garden Show Rides”

  1. Grace Says:

    And ONLY 33,999.99. Sure I’ll take one! Nice pictures and prose. Sounds like you had a great time. Buy any plants?

  2. Racquel Says:

    Some clever & creative displays! I love the VW bug covered in fescue (?). Talk about a green car. lol

  3. Catherine Says:

    I think my favorite is the zebra! I’m hoping we’ll make it to Butchart Gardens this summer too. I wonder if they will actually sell the bulldozer?

  4. Melanthia Says:

    My little guy loved the bug and tried to take golf balls from around the cart.

  5. It sounds like the show was a blast. I like the “granny car display” best, I think…

    • greenwalks Says:

      It was pretty wacky. Overwhelming, at times! Helps me to break it down into little pieces to process it. That Mustang really was a beauty!

  6. Adam gordoi Says:

    She is real, pearl smith lives in Langley Washington

  7. Georgia Says:

    I must say that the bug and golf cart are so Berkeley.

  8. Jen Says:

    What a fun post! My high school boyfriend had a candy apple red mustang that looked just like that one in the top photo!

    Have you been to the carousel museum in Sandusky Ohio? A fun place to visit for merry-go-round enthusiasts.

  9. Curmudgeon Says:

    So fun to see the pics of the show! If this is indeed the last NWFGS I’m going to be bummed that we missed it. But I remember last year feeling torn that we were indoors at the show when it was a gloriously sunny day outside. This year we were actually out in our garden on Fri. & Sat. Peas are going in today! Of course, next week we’ll probably get another Snopocalypse!

    • greenwalks Says:

      Curmudgeon – Eh, you guys did the right thing. You can just look at the pretty pics and skip the crowds, plus you did REAL gardening when we were all stuck inside on a sunny day! That really was ironic for those of us who attended. Hooray for peas!

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