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Spring Repealed February 26, 2009

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Just when we were shedding our woolly scarves and pondering more tender plantings, winter came back with a wee-hours blast last night, dumping two inches of snow on Seattle and pushing dreams of spring gardening a little further into the future. Yeah, yeah, I know, two inches – big deal. We are whiners here, we know. But it’s been such a weird winter, with a seemingly endless procession of freezing weather, that it’s starting to make me feel like spring will never truly arrive.

Oh, I was fooled for a while last week. The sun came out for days on end, and it was only because I was too busy to garden that I didn’t get out there and do a bunch of tidying chores like whacking back plants that got hit by earlier frosts. I was also feeling really bad about not having been industrious enough to get peas started and out there. I guess my laziness has its benefits sometimes. I hope everyone who was more industrious than I finds that their early efforts did not suffer too much, since everything was here and gone in about 10 hours.

Although I have more snow-garden pictures than my computer knows what to do with (creak, groan, whir – must delete many this weekend), I went out to take a few more today. It made me see some things, even just the tips of them, that I hadn’t noticed before against the bare ground.

Snowy Rose Bush

As-yet-unpruned rose bush with snowy “hats” on the hips.

Snowy Weeping Conifer

Unknown weeping conifer outside the dining room window. Any guesses?

Poppy Foliage Under Snow

Well, I guess the poppies are up. I hope they stay that way!

Contorted Filbert Catkins in Sun & Snow

“Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick” catkins catching some sun

Peony Shoots Coming Up Through Snow

Hm, maybe I didn’t plant those peony divisions deep enough after all…

Dwarf Iris in Snow

Didn’t notice these dwarf iris were up until my daughter whacked the snowcap off of them.

Garden Monkey Passes By Tulips in Snow

Hey, little garden monkey, thanks for not stepping on my tulips!

Half-Snowy Wreath

Yes, I do know Christmas was over two whole months ago! The wreath has yet to make it to the compost bin.

This is it. It has to be! Doesn’t it? Who else here is ready for @#$& spring?!


20 Responses to “Spring Repealed”

  1. shibaguyz Says:

    WE KNOW!! It was crazy last night when the snow and sleet was coming down. And the WIND!! Had to run out and reinforce our cloche so it wouldn’t blow away and expose our little seeds to the freezing temps.

    Even with all that, all is well here with us. Still… we were hoping to get some more peas in the planters tomorrow… guess that might not be happening!

    Stay warm!!

    • greenwalks Says:

      SGz – Glad you were able to rescue the cloche, the wind was kind of crazy along with all the white stuff from the sky! Nutty. Are we going to have a crazy spring to go along with our weird summer and nutty winter?! Geez… Hope your pea planting goes well, when it happens. I’m sure I’ll get to read all about it!

  2. Melanthia Says:

    Good lord I’m so done with this. I didn’t even have it in me to actually go outside to shoot photos. It was a play day for me and the little guy … all day. Thankfully all my seedlings are still inside so no harm there. It looks like the other plants I got in are fine, too. I did buy more though and they’re still in the car! Oh well. I’m soon going to be doing a spring dance, kind of like the rain version.

    Also, I fixed the text contrast on Graduated Gardening’s comments. That was painful. And, I’d totally be up for cuttings or something from your viburnum. Is the black pussy willow from Molly rooting because mine is. Oh crap, this should have been an email. Sorry!

    • greenwalks Says:

      Hi Melanthia – Oh phew, I’m glad your seedlings are safe and warm indoors! I couldn’t remember who had planted out yet and who hadn’t, and was worrying a bit about the “babies” out there in the snow for the first day of outdoor life. No worries on the long comment, keep ’em coming! But you can always FB or email me too. 🙂 Hm, need to check the pussy willows again – did you do anything special to yours? Mine are in a dwindling supply of vase water, maybe they need to be scored or ?? I am hopeless with rooting stuff, I just don’t have the touch! Congrats on yours, though.

  3. Oh, Karen, I am so sorry that the snow came back. It has been a bit like the bad penny for you this year, hasn’t it?

    Ummm, I guess for your own peace of mind, you probably shouldn’t look at my weather widget this week…;-)

    I hope this is the last of it for you, and that spring comes in with a pop soon!

    • greenwalks Says:

      Susan – Snow = The Bad Penny. I love it! Yes, it is bedeviling me and other gardeners who have gotten a little to complacent about zone stuff. We will have to be more careful in the future, or just know that if our climate is shifting a bit, we will lose more plants than in the past. Weather widget, what does it say, more snow for Seattle? Ack!

  4. Jen Says:

    Yikes. Well, maybe this is truly, truly the end? Our last frost date isn’t until April. Sigh. We are still getting frozen stuff falling from the sky but thankfully it isn’t sticking.

    • greenwalks Says:

      Jen – I know, we are really weather wimps here. We like the snow to stay in the mountains where we can visit it, and also don’t like when it gets too hot (i.e. above about 75). Or at least that’s my own comfort range! Spoiled by the temperate climate, which has been acting all weird lately.

  5. Catherine Says:

    I couldn’t believe it either. Please let it be done now! Just a few days earlier it felt like spring!
    Your iris look very pretty surrounded in the snow, it makes the color really stand out!

    • greenwalks Says:

      Catherine – Yes, hard to believe. I am just going to pretend no more snow can come, go about my gardening as if that will be the case, and hope for the best. I can’t wait any longer to prune back some of the more awful-looking of the snow-damaged stuff. It’s just too depressing to keep passing by every day! Thanks, I might not have noticed the iris but for the snow.

  6. Darla Says:

    Oh! That’s terrible. The photos are beautiful though. I stopped by from Garden Muse.

    • greenwalks Says:

      Hi Darla – Thanks so much for visiting and commenting too. I always love having new folks come by, and I’ll go check out your blog in a sec here. Garden Muse is a great one, isn’t she? 🙂

  7. Grace Says:

    Karen, I think, maybe the weeping conifer is a baby Deodar cedar. We got a light dusting here in Albany. It’s comical how funky this winter has been. This morning it got really cold with frost everywhere that LOOKED like snow. I kind of like this test of hardiness for our plants and our spirits. Here in the valley we’ve had mild, Zone 9 winters for many years–finally a Zone 8 winter–only the strong will survive. 🙂 Cheers.

    • greenwalks Says:

      Grace – I think I should just check with you first before I post anything. You always know what it is! I think you are right about the cedar – I wonder if it is that ‘Feelin Blue’ cultivar – mine is pretty small and has a bluish cast. Hm, hope it stays little, otherwise I should move it now since it’s right next to the house! I didn’t even think cedar, since 10 ft. away is a giant Port Orford, but that’s a completely different type of tree (false cypress? white cedar? now I’m getting really confused) with a very different type of needle shape, not even needles really. Man, I need to take a botany class or something here, obviously! Anyway, thanks so much for the ID!

  8. annetanne Says:

    My first thought was: Snow? Now?
    And my second thought was a memory of our weddingday in April, almost 15 years ago… That beautifull picture where we came out of church… and it wasn’t rice, those white speckles, but snow, real, genuine snow…

    • greenwalks Says:

      Hi Anne – That’s a nice memory. I get too wrapped up in being mad at stuff I can’t do anything about. If all I want is sunshine, I should move somewhere else! But I love it here, weird late snows and all.

  9. Racquel Says:

    Sorry about the snow Karen, but hopefully all your emerging spring bloomers will be okay. Your peony is looking more hopeful than mine at the moment. They are just starting to push forth their new shoots.

    • greenwalks Says:

      Hi Racquel – Yes, fingers crossed they will be okay! Seems like maybe (ha ha, probably will be fooled again) that was the last gasp for winter, so if they didn’t get damaged this time, they’ll probably be alright. I’m so curious to see if my peony divisions will bloom, since it was my first time trying to divide them.

  10. Aerie-el Says:

    During the sunny weather yesterday I got in some gardening! Even with all the brutal weather, it looks like things aren’t going to suck as badly as I thought they would in the gardens. Most things seem to be coming back, in spite of the bad pennies dealt us!

    • greenwalks Says:

      Hi Aerie-el – That’s great! I was out there too. So nice to feel the sun again. I’m glad your garden is bouncing back nicely. I’m still wondering about a few things, but others seem to be okay. I still might have to replace a bunch of stuff, so a big plant shopping trip is probably in my future. Yippee!

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