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Gardening Tops the News March 9, 2009

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I don’t usually do re-publish posts, but I got a pleasant shock this morning when the top story in the Seattle Times’ online edition was this: “Seed Companies Have a Bumper Crop of Customers”!

I can personally attest to this trend – after a few years of only picking up a few packets and relying mostly on starts, I am trying to do more from seed this year. I even got organic potatoes from one of the companies, Irish Eyes, mentioned in the article. Not sure where I will put them yet, always an issue (my 1/12th Irish eyes are always bigger than my veggie patch).

Gardening is the new black! Did you ever think it would become so hip and happening? Next thing you know, the cover of Vogue will feature models in muddy-kneed jeans and carrying Felco pruners will be as “in” as Prada handbags! Well, that might be taking it a little far.

Are you part of the new trend, or were you in the vanguard all along?

Tomatoes & squash


11 Responses to “Gardening Tops the News”

  1. Curmudgeon Says:

    Last year was our first year planing from seed. We just bought a few packets at local nurseries. This year we poured over catalogues and ordered from afar. The first order arrived Friday. The second is on its way. No idea whatsoever where it’s all going to fit! We need a second bed, and a greenhouse. LOL!

  2. Michelle Says:

    I’ve been a seed junkie for a looong time. It’s great that more people are catching on to the fun of growing from seed. There’s so many more varieties available and you can start things when you need to, not when the nurseries think they can sell them.

  3. Hi again, Karen; I also wrote about this some time ago, and think that it not only the economic situation (as mentioned in the article), but also the whole eco-movement that has got people growing their things. I’m planning an kitchen garden too, it just have to be very mobile, in case we find somewhere to live to permanently. For the moment, I’m only into veggies, but next year, potatoes are on the list too!

  4. kris at t.m. Says:

    I’ve tried all along to be a trendsetter – proudly parading my lurvely manicure and dirty knees. And Felcos are my favorite fashion accessory. Little do the new wave of garden fashionistas know that it’s a slippery slope from sowing a few seeds to plant-the-planet obsession…

  5. Kristi Says:

    I love growing from seed. I try to grow the majority of my plants by seed. I don’t always have the best of luck with transplanting mature plants from stores and nurseries.

  6. GardenJunkie Says:

    It’s true that gardening-related stories are popping up more often in the mainstream press. In all the doom and gloom of the current economic situation, it’s nice to have the occasional feel-good story. I also wrote about the seed boom a few posts ago (seems to be a timely topic!). Roger Swain (from the original Victory Garden) gave a recent presentation in which he said that Johnny’s Selected Seeds had seen a 50% increase in vegetable seed sales this year, and 38% last year. I’ve been growing seeds for ages – can’t seem to resist all the unusual and heirloom plants available from seed catalogs. The problem then becomes what to do with them as they mature – there’s no more space in the garden!

  7. michelle Says:

    Its about time! to bad its a bad economy that is causing us to all take care of ourselves but its never to late to start.

  8. Melanthia Says:

    I started veggie seeds for the first time last year, mainly because I was now home and had a bit more time to care for a potager. I agree the economy has almost forced this to the forefront, but that’s a good thing. It’s been coming with the 100 mile diets and everything else.

  9. Grace Says:

    I guess there’s always a silver lining. It never hurts to tighten the belt and live more frugally. I grow very few vegetables but love my berries.

  10. Jen Says:

    Only for a couple of years now, but just on my deck in containers. This year I’m really expanding. Glad to see that others are too – Kinda funny, though, the garden requires an initial investment — even when the economy is down. So it may be more expensive to set up this year when we’re not feeling so prosperous. I feel my supplies taking a bigger hunk out of my budget this year – more than I might have in previous ones.

  11. Georgia Says:

    Longtime gardener. Thinking about planting peas from seed this weekend.

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