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Garden Sign Project March 10, 2009

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Since moving to this spot three years ago, I have used no harmful products on my garden and would like to encourage others in the neighborhood to do the same. Direct conversation on hot topics like this is a no-no in Seattle (we are the capital city of passive-aggressiveness), so a cute little sign seems like the way to go. I picked up a Pesticide-Free Zone sign from our local Audubon chapter and figured I’d put it in a prominent place out front.

Pesticide Free Zone sign

Instead of buying a piece of lumber, I decided to reuse an old campaign sign post for the base and let my daughter decorate it with Sharpies. She worked really hard on it, drawing everything she could think of that is a part of our garden – flowers, ladybugs, worms, birds, dirt, rain, sun, and even a dastardly squirrel.

Decorating the sign post

One more ladybug

Dad was in charge of the drill (and only managed to make one smallish hole in the deck, whoops) but she got to try her hand at the screwdriver, with a little help.

Dad and drill

Turning the screw

All pounded in and ready to show everyone that it’s possible to garden without harmful chemicals. (I do wish the trailing rosemary behind it looked a little less dead-ish, like I’d doused it with Round-up… just too much snow~ I think they will have to come out pretty soon, the sight is just too depressing.)

Pesticide Free Zone sign - all done!

Maybe I’ll submit a pic to the Pesticide Free Zone Photo Gallery, a very cute little virtual tour of gardens that feature this practice and are proud to show it.

You can order your very own sign for $13 from the National Coalition for Pesticide-Free Lawns. Or, for Washington State residents only, you can fill out an online pledge form from the Washington Toxics Coalition and get one for FREE! Oh wait, I think I filled out that pledge too, it says I have to talk to at least three people about not using pesticides… uh oh! Well,  maybe I’ll be out gardening in the parking strip and someone will comment on my daughter’s sign decorations and that will be a jumping off point for a civilized dialogue. We shall see!


11 Responses to “Garden Sign Project”

  1. GardenJunkie Says:

    I love it! Thanks for sharing your family’s sign installation adventure and where to get the sign (which is very cute). I plan to put one in my garden ASAP.

  2. Catherine Says:

    I love your sign and your helper did a great job decorating it! I think it’s a great idea. Consider me one of the people you told. We don’t use pesticides either. Thanks for the link!

  3. jgh Says:

    Very colorful and cute- love all the little colored bugs. I see I am the third commenter on this post, so I think that qualifies you having talked to 3 people! I’ll have to see if our state has the Audobon pledge.

  4. I must get one of those…seriously cool!

    Tell your sweet daughter that she did a marvelous job on the the little pictures! Kim

  5. Melanthia Says:

    What a cute project for your little one! Great idea. I first saw one of those signs when I wrote about pesticide free parks for Seattle’s Child. I have an old faded sign, similar idea but with a salmon on it. I’ll need to do the pledge and get a new one!

  6. Sheila Says:

    Great idea! Thanks, I’m ordering a sign today!

  7. Racquel Says:

    A nice family project with a message we all could use in our own areas!

  8. Thanks for putting up the sign and for spreading the pesticide free zone message! Let us know if you need more signs.

  9. Michele Says:

    You can count me as one of your three! (I have the same sign!)

  10. Lu Says:

    Love all of your posts, this one about the sign is my favorite so far. I live down in Eugene and it’s nice to keep tabs on what you northern folk are up to so I check your post often. Maybe they’d mail me a sign down here- or perhaps the extension office could direct me a more local source. We’ve reclaimed some lawn for a vegetable haven and are happy to encourage others to do the same- a ladybug would complete the picture. thanks for your great posting! Lu

  11. Georgia Says:

    Seems like you communicate with more than three ppl with each post…

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