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Borrowed View – First Camellia March 14, 2009

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The first camellia of spring bloomed yesterday, about six inches from my side porch. I don’t have space to put in a tree of my own, so I just “borrow” this view.

First camellia

I refrain from taking any blossoms to float in a bowl, which is very tempting, especially since I have to pick up a lot of debris when the flowers drop later on!

At our previous place, we had a fairly un-spectacular single-form camellia that had rather gaudy yellow flower centers. I far prefer this one, which is double. Or is it ‘formal double’? Honestly, I need to take a botany class. Camellias come in single, semi-double, anemone-form, peony-form, rose-form double and formal double. If you can remember and apply all of that to any that you happen upon, I applaud you!

To learn more about camellias, click here to visit the American Camellia Society’s site.

Do you have any borrowed garden views you enjoy (or detest)?


10 Responses to “Borrowed View – First Camellia”

  1. Jen Says:

    Love this color of camellia! We have a couple of “borrowed” flowers — A magnolia tree from next door that branches over into my yard (I don’t feel guilty about clipping a few twigs off for forcing inside!) and a jasmine vine from the same neighbor that’s decided it prefers my fence to his. Its all fine with me as long as the poison ivy stays out.

  2. Joy Says:

    That is such a beautiful flower ! .. it would be hard for me not to bring it into the house to keep me company : )

  3. Cynthia Says:

    What a beautiful shot Karen! I always forget about camellias and just how pretty they are. What feels like a lifetime ago I spent 3 years in the South with husband and my garden had several very old camellias in it from an owner that had since passed on. I loved floating the flowers in glass bowls. Thanks for the memory! πŸ™‚

  4. Grace Says:

    Beautiful camellia! I’m a bit ambivalent about my “borrowed view.” Several years ago my neighbors planted a row of Jaqumontii Birch trees. I love their shimmering foliage and ivory, peeling bark. BUT, the trees have curtained my only view of the distant landscape. I’m not sure which view I would prefer, but I don’t really have a choice anyway, unless by some series of unfortunate events (while the neighbors are on vacation) the trees disappeared. πŸ™‚

  5. Jendi Says:

    That is so beautiful! My daughter thought so too. πŸ™‚

  6. Gail Says:

    it’s a lovely camellia….we are presently screening our borrowed/disliked views…gail

  7. Jan Says:

    It’s just a gorgeous flower, Karen…so lovely! How nice it must be to sneak a peak…so close to your porch! You have a lot of willpower to ‘leave it alone’….good thing you’re taking photos…so you can remember it if you ever have to move;-)

  8. Racquel Says:

    What a beauty! A borrowed view is better than none Karen. πŸ˜‰

  9. Curmudgeon Says:

    Our first winter here, I was so excited to see these blooming so early and providing color while things were still so dreary and rainy. We have one planted along the southern wall of the house, and it blooms super early. But my thoughts towards it are less than kind now. It is so messy when the flowers fade–most unattractive. And they drop all over the potager.

  10. Georgia Says:

    I have a horrible borrowed view from one of my living room windows. More accurately, most of the view is of a beautiful quince but through the branches I can see my new neighbor’s piles of empty moving-in paraphernalia (it’s been almost three months).

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