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GBBD, March 2009 March 14, 2009

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Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens, gardeners the world over can share what they’ve got blooming on the 15th of each  month. Since I actually remembered to participate last time, I thought I’d keep it rolling and do one this month too, even though things aren’t all that spectacular out there.

First up, signs of life are finally beginning to show in the parking strip garden. I did a crummy job of providing winter interest this year (and the snows didn’t help) – next year, it must not be the same!

Chinese broccoli I grew from fall starts – it didn’t grow, didn’t grow, didn’t grow, then bolted. Guess I won’t try that one again! At least its yellow flowers are bright and cheery.

Bolted Chinese broccoli flowers

Tulipa greigii are still going gangbusters. I will be really happy if these bloom in following years, since their intense early-season color is actually causing people to stop in their tracks, as I have observed more than once.

Tulipa greigii

None of my other daffodils have begun to bloom yet, although many are showing flower buds, but this clump, which randomly shows up in the alley where our garbage cans sit, is reliably the first every year. We just have to remember not to squish it with the giganto recycling bin!
First daffodils

Crazy catkins on the Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick (contorted filbert) tree:

Contorted filbert catkins

Screamin’-orange crocus (I usually prefer more subtle hues, so I think these were maybe a mis-marked batch):

Orange crocus

These are more my usual style. I like their pointy petals too.

Pale purple crocus

The only surviving reticulated iris from a bunch I planted a few years ago. Not sure what happened, maybe I’ll try them again in another spot, as I do love this deep purple color. Oh dear, lots of baby popping weeds visible too – I’d better get on those!

Reticulated iris

That’s pretty much it. Witch hazel ‘Jelena’ has finished its spectacular winter show, the viburnum’s pink poms burned in our most recent late frost, and nothing else has got going yet. I’m excited to see what others’ gardens are doing on GBBD, and to cheer on the almost-there blossoms to come.

(BTW, we got a new, super huge flat-screen monitor for almost free this weekend, which is both fun and a little overwhelming since I’m now totally confused about which size of photos work best for this format. I was sizing them to fit with my older, smaller monitor but on this one they look too small. Now I wonder if these are too big, especially since they expose bad photo quality even more, ahem. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!)


27 Responses to “GBBD, March 2009”

  1. Gayle Madwin Says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how much it cheered me up to see that someone else has as many weeds coming up in their garden as I have in mine! You have lovely flowers, though – the tulips. especially, are show-stoppers.

  2. blossom Says:

    Maybe I should join GBBD and show the world what’s blooming in my garden. But then that will be repetative for I posted most the blooms already.
    I love those red tulips of yours. Beautiful.

  3. I can’t wait for my red tulips to bloom but that’s more than a month away. I am hoping they have the same effect as yours: stopping people in their tracks. Thanks for a lovely look at your garden.

  4. The photos are a nice size, allowing for lots of detail, which is especially good in the last photo, with the fallen Witch Hazel petals around the Iris reticulata. I’m not an orange fan either, but exception should be made for that Crocus. The orangy-yellow one seems to bloom earliest most year, and looks like a shot of sunshine.

  5. Jen Says:

    Oh my gosh – those tulips! And the iris I had to look at again- so pretty. Happy GBBD!

  6. Gail Says:

    Very fine blooms! I prefer the little dainty crocus, too…I wonder what their latin name might be…gail

  7. Wow Tulips already! Loved the shot of the HLWS.

  8. Racquel Says:

    You have lovely blooms right now Karen. The Tulips are a striking color, no wonder people stop to look at them. Maybe you should move those Daffodils out of the alley once they stop blooming. 🙂

  9. Sweet Bay Says:

    I like those delicate lavender crocus too — they’re lovely. I’m drooling over that deep purple I. reticulata.

  10. The filbert is my favorite!!

  11. RainGardener Says:

    Karen your flowers look great – you have lots. Love the Filbert tree. We’re having snow again – huge white flakes and yesterday it flooded with rain so I’m sure anything that MAY have been blooming is drowned. But a friend saw a hummingbird the other day so there is still hope that spring is very close!

  12. Aerie-el Says:

    Very nice shots! Spring is showing in your gardens, so pretty.

  13. Great flowers–I’ll agree with Katie in that the filbert is my favorite: subtle color combined with outrageous form. Really wild!

  14. Wow! For “not all that spectacular” you sure came up with some pretty shots! The tulips are gorgeous–and the nice thing about species tulips like the Greigiis is that they WILL keep blooming year after year, and will even spread if they’re happy where they are. Mine have done well and I’m sure yours will too.

  15. Curmudgeon Says:

    I just discovered the filbert trees a few blocks down from us and am fascinated by them. Can tell you didn’t take any of these pics today! LOL! Well, no, it’s really not funny at all that we are still having snow…

  16. Catherine Says:

    It sure looks great there. Lots of color!! My tulips are far behind yours still, maybe next GBBD 🙂

  17. kanak Says:

    Karen, just stopped by to wish you Happy GBBD!! Thank you for leaving your comment on my blog. Will get in touch with you again…on Blotanical.

    Have a pleasant week!

  18. I just love those tulips – real show stoppers.
    I quite like veg that goes to seed – (to look at not to eat) I always think veg flowers are very underrated.
    Happy GBBD

  19. Paula Says:

    Karen – Tulips! I must remember to plant tulips! I was out in the snow & in PJs this morning, not finding anything really. Your last post with the camellia had me hoping for an open one. Maybe later! Paula

  20. Well, you have quite a bit blooming! Don’t feel bad about the Chinese Broccoli, I did the same thing one year! Your tulips are bright and cheery! Makes me look forward to seeing mine- I just hope they don’t drown in all the rain like last year!

  21. Grace Says:

    Hi Karen~~ Your blooms are lovely. The photos are sized perfectly, in my opinion. The tulips are amazing for this time of year. It’s pretty early yet for tulips and yours aren’t some wimpy specimens but real show stoppers. Nice.

    Thank you for your feedback on my “hints” post. I appreciate it. I wasn’t sure about newspaper until one year I saw earthworms eating decomposing pieces. You can’t argue with earthworms. 🙂 Thanks again. Always fun to visit your blog.

  22. Megan Says:

    Your tulips are already blooming? I’m seeing foliage on mine but that’s it. Hopefully your blooms mean the rest of the tulips are on their way to flowers.

  23. Jan Says:

    Hi Karen,
    I needed a splash of red on this dreary day–and those tulips filled the bill!

    I like your tiny purple crocus with the pointed edges. Mine are the rounded edges, so perhaps I’ll look for those 6-pointed stars!

    Happy spring!

  24. PS The weeds are green-so they at least provide color!

  25. Your garden looks to be a bit further along than mine. I don’t know when I’ll have tulips blooming. Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

    • greenwalks Says:

      Thanks to everyone who stopped by for GBBD and especially to those who left a comment! Those tulips are species tulips, they are very early, earlier even than my earliest daffodils. I believe they are tulipa greigii but I’m afraid I’ve lost the exact variety’s name. I will try to dig it up because it has provoked a lot of interest! Definitely glad I planted them, they were worth it at thrice the price even if they don’t return (which of course I hope they will!).

  26. Dreamybee Says:

    Wow, I think I would stop dead in my tracks for those tulips as well! Also, congrats on the new monitor-the pics look great on my screen.

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