Gardening where the sidewalk ends

Blossom Time March 30, 2009

Spring in Seattle means many things – rain of course, more cyclists on the city’s bike paths, a plethora of flower bulbs adding color to the landscape and, my favorite of all, blossom time for the city’s multitude of flowering trees.

It seems like the first to bloom are normally the ornamental plums, but due to the longer and colder than usual winter, this year everything’s getting going at the same time. Plums, cherries and apples all seem to be bursting into bloom at once, so maybe the usually-later ones are playing catch-up with the slowpokes.

I pass this particular tree many times a week, and had always marveled at its odd shape. It’s a small flowering cherry currently covered with ginormous blossoms. I don’t think it’s been well cared for in a while, since it has a lot of suckers (all flowering!) near the base. But even the strangest pruning can almost be redeemed by masses of fragrant blooms. I wish I could post these in Smell-O-Vision!

Flowering cherry

The Prius has become the car of Seattle (replacing the Volvo 240 – what can I say, I’m behind the times, I still have one of those but no hybrid yet), so I left it in the shot to epitomize this part of the world in spring – a parking strip flowering tree and a PC vehicle. What could be more Seattle? I guess I could have posed someone there with an REI fleece vest on, holding a latte. That might have been a bit too much, though.

Cherry tree & black Prius, how Seattle

What most signifies spring to you?


12 Responses to “Blossom Time”

  1. Grace Says:

    The trees are beautiful now, all bedecked in blossom. I think spring for me is the ubiquitous daffodil. I love how they bloom with abandon not only in my own landscape but in abandoned fields and yards, impervious to the elements. . . . I’m amazed how many Prius cars are on little ole Albany’s streets. I’m way behind the times but lack of funds can do that.

  2. RainGardener Says:

    The Flowering Cherry is beautiful and you took a great picture of it. Guess I’m behind the times too. I love my car, it runs good, doesn’t have dents so I really can’t see getting a new one!
    Spring is my favorite season and I guess because everything is waking up, blooming and the temps are getting comfortable. I would like to find a place to live where it’s spring all year long!

  3. I do enjoy blossom on the trees – and that flowering cherry is quite amazing.
    I will pass on your question (lol 😉 )

  4. Catherine Says:

    Great pictures! Spring is daffodils, cherry trees and rain (in Seattle).

  5. Sheila Says:

    What a lovely tree! How wonderful to have such beauty after what has been a difficult winter. My brother and sister-in-law live up there and I have been following the weather. And yes, the Prius is very popular here in So. Cal. too!

  6. That is a gorgeous tree!

    As to what signifies spring, that would be the wind. 😉

  7. Oh Karen, you are so funny; it really is sooooo Seattle; everything ecological, Prius included, lattes, fleece vests, footright shoes… 🙂 But is really is very beautiful here for the moment, I just love seeing all buds bursting!

  8. Paula Says:

    It is such a nice sight when the bloomers get underway. At the Seattle Center on Saturday I found large star magnolia shrubs in full bloom. Beautiful! We’re still waiting for our first to open. Our earliest bloomer, a certain ornamental cherry, is just now blooming.

  9. Molly Says:

    The first spring peepers (frogs) in my pond and the skunk cabbage and Indian Plums blooming in the woods. So it must be spring right now, even if it did snow yesterday.

  10. jgh Says:

    we have a similar tree, but I don’t expect it to bloom until May when spring is well underway. Crocus and Daffodils are the banners in my yard.

  11. Racquel Says:

    Karen you cracked me up with this post! 😉 I would of loved to see the model with the REI vest & Latte. Very Seattle, lol. That is one beautiful Cherry Tree. If it were mine I would be cutting those suckers off to enjoy indoors, but that’s just me. Daffodils & Crocus signify spring to me, but the Cherry Tree is a true sign of spring as well.

  12. kristi Says:

    Gorgeous picture of the pink blossoms.

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