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Book surprise April 5, 2009

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(We’re back from a wonderful few days at the Washington State coast, but my camera gave up the ghost midway through the vacation so I’m going to be posting older photos for a while until I sort out what to do about that. Good thing my birthday is less than a month away and a camera was on the top of my list anyway!)

My ever-observant daughter was reading picture books with her dad the other night, when suddenly she shouted “Hey look, a ladybug!” It was clinging to the top of “Beware of the Frog” by William Bee – although I’m sure the title choice was unintentional, the poor thing did look pretty afraid. (Sorry for the blurry photo – we didn’t want to scare it further by setting off a flash.)

Book surprise - ladybug!

We managed to get it outside and onto a plant – no idea how it came home in the library pile, but hope it survives to go attack the aphids that plague my broccoli and nasturtiums every year.


6 Responses to “Book surprise”

  1. RainGardener Says:

    Sorry to hear about your camera. I’m always so lost when that happens. Neat ladybug trick huh? Hope he made
    it home with ya. Which beaches did ya go to?

  2. Catherine Says:

    How funny to have a hitchhiker from the library! Glad you had fun and are home for the sun!

  3. Good thing that birthday is coming up. I take it you’re planning to ask for a renewal for your library card? Oh, wait! I’ll bet you ask for a camera!!! 😉

  4. Grace Says:

    I’ve been happy with my Nikon Coolpix. I found a 99 cent leather carrying case at Goodwill. It all fits neatly inside my purse for those spontaneous shots. I’m an amateur and this works for me. I hope you get your wish.

    From my children’s earliest years they loved ladybugs. God must have made them just for kids.

  5. Megan Says:

    Sorry to hear about the camera. Don’t know if you have a new one picked out yet, but I love my Cannon G10. It has a bunch of analog dials on the body of the camera, so I can set up my shot before turning it on, without poking through a bunch of menus. Things like an exposure dial on the top of the camera, that I know how I want to set it according to the available light, and I don’t have to keep adjusting it every time I turn the camera on and off.

  6. Sam Says:

    Oh how fun. I love ladybugs and its always nice to find one in a surprising place. I hope that they find their way to my garden sometime soon, the aphids are loving my sugar snap peas to death.

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