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Happy (Early) Earth Day April 18, 2009

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To most gardeners, every day is Earth Day. We are already connected to the cycles of the seasons, the needs of the soil, and the interactions between plants, wild creatures, and humans.

But if you want to get technical about it, April 22nd has been designated Earth Day and all week there are many events, activities and actions to take part in to help celebrate and assist our planet. The Earth Day Network has a plethora of offerings, from links to local events to info about greening up schools and bringing clean water to the developing world.

I am sometimes cynical about these one-day deals but with this the idea is to educate ourselves and others to make lasting changes that will benefit us all. The City of Seattle just made some of this a lot easier by expanding its recycling and composting programs so that less garbage ends up in the landfill. My personal goal for this year is to stop being lazy about letting the city do my composting for me and then buying it back in plastic (non-recyclable) bags. To that end, I will be attending a worm-bin-building event tomorrow and hope to use the result to turn our food waste into black gold.

What are your plans for Earth Day this week? Special action or just enjoying digging in your own dirt and continuing on with your good-earth practices?


(“Twins Image” of Earth taken by Messenger spacecraft, produced by Johns Hopkins University/APL. Image courtesy of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech. To see more images from this mind-bendingly large and free-to-use  gallery, click here.)


11 Responses to “Happy (Early) Earth Day”

  1. Sheila Says:

    Happy Earth Day!

  2. Racquel Says:

    I spent the day planting. 🙂

  3. I’ll be giving a presentation about sustainable landscaping to a group of business people (at least, that;s who I think the group is suppose to be…)

    A worm bin! I’ve always wanted one, but worry about the responsibility… I’ll be anxious to hear how it goes.

  4. Jane Says:

    I’ll spend some time working in our new garden…a very personal Earth Day for me. It’s completely rewarding as I see the first spring for all our new additions and feel happy to be doing my tiny little bit for our planet.

  5. Megan Says:

    I forgot about earth day. I’d like to celebrate by spending time in the garden, but the way the last couple weeks have gone, if someone offers me a contract job for a couple days, I take it, which looks likely this week. This unemployment stuff involves a lot more work than I thought it would. I had my first real spring day of garden work yesterday, but what a day for it! So beautiful.

  6. Hey, Karen! I’m coming to Seattle in June on my way to a conference in Victoria. After the conference, I’m meeting my DH in Seattle and we’re taking a cruise up the inside passage. On at least of one of those days that I’m in Seattle, I’ll have some free time–want to meet up for lunch or something?

  7. Jen Says:

    Happy Earth Day, Karen! Our high school is having a garden party. I’ve never seen it so I’m very anxious to go and see what they’ve got going on. Our big neighborhood litter cleanup is Saturday — we’ll be getting our hands dirty, for sure.

    I just got some compost from the city. I make my own too, but since I’m setting up some new beds I know there won’t be enough. The back of my trunk is an absolute mess, though.

    Cool NASA photos!

  8. Ginger Says:

    Happy Earth Day, early…

    I’m excited because our office is having a seed/seedling exchange over the lunch hour, so I can get rid of some chives, which seem to really like my garden, and a bunch of tiny shasta daisy seedlings, which also would like to take over….should I tell people that, or just let them take them home? heh heh heh…

    We have the “green cone” composter from the city – it works well for kitchen scraps and stuff, but we do end up buying most of our yard waste back from Cedar Grove, although not in plastic – you should have seen the 6 yard pile they delivered to our driveway last month! It took us three weekends to get it all distributed throughout the yard.

  9. jean Says:

    Hi Karen,
    I just wrote to you as a response on my own blog. What a dumb place to write to you. Here you are! Unfortunately I will be in Vancouver on May 17th and will miss another SAGBUTT but I could help to organize a get together in June. Has anyone pestered Daniel about hosting something in the Snoqualmie Valley? It is so beautiful there.

  10. Chloe M. Says:

    Happy (Belated) Earth Day, Karen!

    I’m looking forward to a post on both your potatoes (very cool!) and your composting experiences.

    Chloe M.

  11. Hi Karen, long time no visit;-( It is great to see your info. on earth day and the photo is stunning…I will check out that link! I think my son would enjoy looking at it too.
    Happy Earth Day, a day late. Every day should be earth day. I am getting more ‘aware’ by reading blogs, esp. yours and others like it…we still don’t do what we really should to protect our little corner of the environment, but I’m working on it;-)

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