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Underwhelmed by Allium moly June 11, 2009

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I should know by now that my impulse bulb purchases often turn out to be busts. I’ve had a few lucky finds (especially these species tulips, the hands-down winners of Best Bulb in my garden this spring) but the rest are usually either kind of boring or just too weird to be useful.

My hand inexplicably reached for a bag of Allium moly, despite the lack of an accompanying picture (should have been a tip-off) at the Arboretum bulb sale last fall. I thought, what the hey, never heard of these before, Allium are super trendy, maybe these will be fun.

Well, they might have their proponents (please speak forth if you are one!) or could be nice when massed among other colors or against a background of silvery foliage plants, but dotted in twos and threes in my parking strip, their primary yellow is just not that welcome in mid-June. I can barely stand plain bright shades of this color in the earliest of spring blooms (tiny narcissi are exempted, they’re so cute), and by this time of year I’m just aching for richer and more subtle hues. I do kind of like the semi-fan shape, different from the typical Allium globes, more like something you might find growing in a meadow somewhere.

Allium moly

Maybe they come in other colors? I could handle purple or reddish-orange or white, or even pink. I don’t generally have that much success with alliums, so maybe these will disappear after this season, never to be seen again. Next year, I’m just going to put a. ‘Globemaster’ on my list and stick with it! Did you have any disappointing bulbs this year?


6 Responses to “Underwhelmed by Allium moly”

  1. Racquel Says:

    I’ve never tried Allium moly before in my garden. They might look great massed next to burgundy foliage plants. This year I’ve been pretty pleased with my bulb purchases, which is lucky. I’ve had some disappointments in the past like Rip Van Winkle Narcissus or Persian Allium which came up looking not so great.

  2. Jane Says:

    Those Allium moly seem like they might look better in a woodland setting. I’ve never seen them before but the gypsy in me can’t reject them for their cheerful color. Color me simple, I guess, but I think they’re kinda cute…how tall/big are they?

  3. You are a brave woman to buy something w/o seeing a picture first. I gave up on bulbs a long time ago. I can’t deal with their need for nutrients via the withering foliage. The only bulbs I buy are elephant ears, which I love. Oh…wait, I did buy Caladiums and they flopped 2 years in a row. They need a lot more heat than I have to offer. I gave up and bought the plants, they were actually cheaper. Next year I vow to remember this lesson.

  4. Tyra Says:

    Theay are nice Karen, I think I got them in Pink. I wonder if they are edible?

    Have a great weekend/ Tyra

  5. Megan Says:

    They look sort of cute to me. Who would have thought there would be a colorful flower I would like that you think is too bright?

  6. Jen Says:

    Well you just made it easier for me since I know I want more allium and don’t know which to choose. I just got some “toothbrush” allium. The “Purple Sensation” were fantastic. Looking for some pink ones.

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