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Moving Up June 19, 2009

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It seems like it was about two weeks ago that I wrote this micro-post about sending my only child off to kindergarten. I’m not too sure where the ensuring 10 months went – some was spent here, avoiding other tasks and looming unfinished projects. It was always more fun to think about the plants in my own garden, those around town that I saw here in Seattle, and to read about everything you folks have been up to all over the world and to exchange ideas through comments.

Some things went smoothly for my daughter this year, others will continue to be a challenge. She has some brain differences and although she is undeniably smart, funny, observant and creative, her sensory, social and flexibility issues make “doing school” pretty exhausting for her (and, in its aftermath, for me).

It’s easy for me to get caught up in the negatives but I just want to take a non-garden-related second to congratulate my baby for her achievements this year – making new friends, learning to write, studying in-depth about green sea urchins, figuring out how to navigate in the noisy hallways, going on a few field trips without mom, always participating in games during PE, sharing a locker, and many many more things that seemed impossible at the beginning of the year.

Congratulations to all graduates and their families. Hope the transition to the next phase of school, work or life goes fabulously!

Girl in stump

(I may be here in blogland pretty sporadically until September – my small amounts of very precious free time will likely be spent in the actual garden. Happy Summer Solstice to everyone, and may your gardens grow well this season.)


10 Responses to “Moving Up”

  1. Congrats to you and your daughter on a successful year! Sounds like you both deserve a nice long relaxing summer. I just had a flashback to the last day of school in my grade school years, it was a 1/2 day and we all got those little ice cream cups with orange sherbet and vanilla together that you ate with the little wooden spoon that wasn’t even a spoon but more like a paddle? God how do I remember that? Anyway I toast your achievements with one of ice cream cups!

  2. Grace Says:

    What an awesome photo! It’s always a bittersweet thing when start a new phase. We’d like to keep them small because they’re so sweet and cuddly and lovable. But as they get older they become more self sufficient and street smart. Each phase has its blessings and its challenges. One thing’s for sure, the time FLIES by! To you and yours, I wish you a fantastic summer. I’ll be looking for you when you check in. I hope you’ll keep your camera handy for those eye popping drive-by shoots that you’re so good at locating. I send you an ice cream cup too.

  3. Racquel Says:

    Congrats to your daughter on completing another wonderful milestone! I remember the day my oldest went off to Kindergarden, that was 14 years ago. It was exciting for him & heartbreaking for me. 🙂

  4. Jane Says:

    What a wonderful photo of your daughter, and so appropriately cradled between those huge stumps. Thank you for sharing her year of successes with us. Have a great summer: we’ll look forward to hearing how delightfully you, and she, filled it!

  5. Jen Says:

    Sounds like both of you made it through the year with lots of nice memories to look back on! My daughter is moving up to middle school- gosh it really goes by fast, doesn’t it? Wishing you lots of fun together this summer in and out of the garden.

  6. Catherine Says:

    Time really does go by so quickly. The kids are so excited to be older, but it sure is hard for us parents.
    I hope you have a great summer, and hopefully I’ll make it to a SAGBUTT meeting or two.

  7. Tatyana Says:

    Going on a trip without Mom is a great achievement! I know that very well. Congratulations to both of you!

  8. Megan Says:

    How has it been 10 months already? I don’t know how everything flies by so quickly, but congratulations to your daughter on her successful completion of her first year in school. I just celebrated my niece’s kindergarten graduation the other night, too. She had some injuries as a baby that left her vision severely impaired, and we weren’t sure how it would go, but she has done great. Isn’t it amazing how resilient and self sufficient kids are when they seem so tiny and new? Have a wonderful summer, I’m sure it will fly by too.

  9. Daniel Mount Says:

    It seems amazing to me how much is expected of kindergarteners these days. It’s amazing that any child can cope with sharing a locker at 5. For us, is this ancient history, a nap on a towel on the oak floor was a challenge. I’m so glad your daughter pulled through, shined and is now on summer vacation. Yeah for summer vacation.
    By the way we’re having raccoon problems too.
    Hope to see you next weekend. D.

  10. What a wonderful photo; your daughter looks like a ray of light against that old, beautiful stump. Have a lovely summer, both!

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