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No Bee Shortage Here July 5, 2009

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Does anyone know the latest on the dire predictions about honeybee colony collapse? I have not noticed any decrease in the number of bees this year, and in fact I almost feel like there are more. Are they rebounding, or am I just lucky to be near some healthy hives? My daughter counted 13 at a time on just one side of our lavender alley today. This is a honeybee, right??

Bee on lavender

I hope she’s not allergic to bee stings. We tend to put out the sidewalk chalk right next to where everyone is buzzing around. So far, no run-ins! I hope it continues. I figure they are much more interested in the lavender than they are in us.

Lavender and chalk

See some bees, then it’s time to draw some bees.

Chalk bees

Lavender has many uses and delights, but right now I love it most for how it’s nourishing our vital and threatened friends. Buzz on, little bees, buzz on!


15 Responses to “No Bee Shortage Here”

  1. Racquel Says:

    I can’t tell if that’s a honey or bumblebee. Either way she should be fine as long as she doesn’t mess with them.

  2. Tatyana Says:

    Than last drawing made me smile!

  3. Jen Says:

    What beautiful lavendar (and bees!) It must smell heavenly there. I’ve been experimenting with lavendar in the kitchen – used it to flavor some berry scones and added it to green goddess dip.

  4. Catherine Says:

    I’ve notice quite a few honey bees too. They probably love all the lavender there. Those little chalk bees are sure cute!

  5. Megan Says:

    Cute bee drawings. I’ve had a lot this year too. I usually like the cut the flowers off of my campanula takesimana, but I haven’t had the heart, since it’s fully of bees all the time.

  6. fairegarden Says:

    Oh the bee chalk drawing is superb! Well done! What a fine stand of lavender you have too. Looks like honeybees to me. We are seeing more and more of them each year here after seeing none a couple of years back. Not sure the reason, but all are welcome. Absolutely no spraying of any kind makes for a creature friendly garden, doesn’t it? 🙂

  7. Grace Says:

    Maybe the bee population here in the PNW is not included in the threat. Yes your photo is definitely a honeybee and I have them literally bumping into each other trying to get to the lavender, catmint, bee balm, dahlias, raspberry blossoms, you name it. Bumble bees abound too as well as several other fuzzy bees I can’t identify. I’ve found that they don’t sting as long as you let them eat. It’s only when they’re threatened that they’ll make use of their defenses. We’ve also got wasps and I got stung three different times last summer due to my stupidity. They don’t like to be threatened either. I can’t vouch for the entire country but I can tell you that the bee population is as strong as ever here. They’re such a delight.

  8. I am in total agreement – lots and lots of bees in my yard. At times the buzz is so loud it’s a little scary!

    I love the bee drawings!

  9. tina Says:

    I am really surprised at the posting of this. Just this weekend I saw like 50 honeybees sipping at a hummingbird feeder. Just the yellow one (the two red ones were pretty close to empty). You know the hummingbirds didn’t seem to mind at all but it was spooky seeing this mini swarm. I’ve never seen them on hummingbird feeders. Maybe they are doing well. Your daughter’s drawings are too precious and a perfect ending to a lovely post. That lavender looks great.

    I saw where some of you went on a garden tour together. What fun! So great you all get to do this.

  10. Cynthia Says:

    I can never get enough of lavender in bloom! I have yet to see but a few honeybees here and there in my garden this year. The bumblebees are all over the comfrey which is blooming again. Maybe once my lavender begins to bloom (which is right around the corner) I too will see more honeybees this year. They do so love the lavender!

  11. Tessa Says:

    Yep! Us too. We’ve noticed more bees I believe this year. Hubby was telling me the other day that he overheard the bees saying that they can’t be fooled by all the GMO or non-organic farms out there- they know where to go!

  12. Gustoso Says:

    Love the little bee drawings

  13. Kris at t.m. Says:

    That’s excellent news about your honeybee population! Another thing that will attract them to a garden (besides delicious lavender) is a place to drink – a plant saucer full of water or a bird bath is just the thing. And I’ve worked around little stingers on a daily basis and (knock wood) have been stung only twice in 6 years – one was a mason bee I crushed by accident and the other a bumble that drifted up my pant leg…

  14. Jane Says:

    Beautiful drawings of bees!

    We have had LOTS of bees in the garden this year, on the lavender, agastache, foxgloves and most notably on the snowberry: it has such tiny flowers. But I guess the bees know!

    About colony collapse, I have a bee-keeping friend who lost all but two of her hives over winter. She isn’t sure if the severity of the winter was contributory, but she lost over a dozen colonies. It’s sad.

  15. Ginger Says:

    I’ve noticed a ton of bees this year, too. They LOVE our agastache. In fact, I just posted about it this morning!

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