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SAGBUTT Food PS August 21, 2009

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I had already included so many photos in this post that I had to leave a few out, but I can’t resist a small PS. Every time the garden blog crowd meets, people bring stuff to share. I only had boring old seeds (poppies and calendulae) that nobody wanted, but that didn’t stop me from snapping up some of what was on offer, which does seem a little unfair…

Lucky me, I came home with a slew of eggs from Molly’s lovely feathered ladies (my daughter reserved and ate the little greenish one), plums from Aerie-el’s Italian Prune harvest, and a head of garlic from Paula’s patch. Thanks, gals!

SAGBUTT bounty

Haven’t tried the plums or garlic yet, but do have to say that the eggs cooked up into the best scrambled eggs we’d eaten, EVER.

Best scrambled eggs ever

I’ve been kind of, well, chicken about getting a few fowl, but I might have to find space for a coop someday and just deal with the occasional unpleasantness (raccoon raid, heat-wave-related keelings-over, manure smell) just to have eggs like that every day. Mmmmmm.


8 Responses to “SAGBUTT Food PS”

  1. easygardener Says:

    My brother used to keep rescued hens from battery ‘farms’. He kept them until they died naturally and they went on laying eggs until they were quite old in hen years. The eggs were very tasty!

  2. Beautiful pics! That green egg is too cute!

  3. Ruthanne in Seattle Says:

    I think chickens would be nice to have in the neighborhood Karen. They’ll join those that are already here. Just say “no” to roosters please!

  4. Paula Says:

    Nice! I came home with some tasty plums too. Wasn’t sure if they were from Kit or Molly. Love your breakfast!

  5. Catherine Says:

    It all looks so good. I wish my plums on the now gone tree looked that good. It really would be fun to have some chickens, I’ve tried to convince my husband, but so far no luck. I hope you find the space one day.

  6. Chickens… Must have chickens…

  7. Megan Says:

    Oh, chickens would be fun, but I worry about the bad stuff that could happen, too. If I were home more to keep watch, I’d definitely get them.

  8. Aerie-el Says:

    That was so kind of Molly to share the eggs, and your photos do them justice! We get to see my s-i-l’s chickens for the first time this weekend. We’ve been told that they follow the kids around like pets.
    I think my last bag of plums is (finally!) out the door tonight. This year’s crop was incredible and I’ve been so happy to share.

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