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Anthropomorphic Tomatoes September 3, 2009

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My folks grew these ultra-goofy-looking tomatoes – I picked them up a few days too late for Molly’s tomatoes-with-body-parts contest, so they didn’t win any prizes, but they sure might have. Photo is blurry but maybe you can still see, they’re pretty hilarious.

Tomatoes with noses

What’s the oddest-looking edible you’ve ever grown?

(I must say that most of my parents’ tomatoes look completely normal and perfect – these were special exceptions held out in case they made the trip to the judging on Tiger Mountain!)


9 Responses to “Anthropomorphic Tomatoes”

  1. Grace Says:

    Hi. Because I grow very few veggies I’m at a loss as to what the oddest one might be. [Early senility might also be a factor.] I’ve got a really bizarre looking dahlia though. Not just one anomalous blossom but all of them. I think I’ll post a photo soon. Your toms are quite, well, animated. Little personalities.

  2. We had a parsnip last year with two legs and a little bit sticking out just like your tomatoes…how we laughed. No I haven’t got a picture.

  3. Tatyana Says:

    Hi Karen! I have a potato that I’ll show soon.

  4. Aerie-el Says:

    I love that word, ‘anthropomorphic’. It’s right up there with ‘plethora’ for me.
    Back to the topic at hand. Sadly, none of my tomatoes were very interesting this year…but one of the pancakes I made looked like Mickey Mouse. Does that count?

  5. Catherine Says:

    Those are pretty funny. I’m growing Brandywine tomatoes this year and because they are big, many have some pretty strange shapes happening.

  6. Racquel Says:

    They are a bit odd huh? lol I’ve had some deformed looking Jalapenos this year & the beans were doing some funky things as well. 🙂

  7. Molly Says:

    Those would have been winners, for sure. Oddest vegetable? That’d be a tossup between a potato this year that would be too kinky to sit on the shelf at Babeland and a carrot from a few years ago (

  8. Is that a nose on that tomato on the left?

  9. Garden Lily Says:

    Cute photo. Too bad your photos don’t load up for me when viewing your blog (must be very high resolution, since I have an ADSL connection, and use IE 8.0). But when I click them, I see the FlickR photo.

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