Gardening where the sidewalk ends

You Know You Haven’t Gardened in a While… September 13, 2009

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… when you put on your gloves for the first time in ages, feel little tickling on the back of your hand, ignore it for a bit, feel it again, peel off your glove and…


Then you attempt to contain your instinctive shrieks and curse words since you know the neighbors are out on their patio, and instead you do the most insanely uncontrollable flapping, hopping full-body shudder dance you have ever done in your life. The favorite gloves will now be consigned to occasional use, as they are now suspect and will always be The Earwig Gloves.

No, I did not take a picture, but I did find another earwig while cleaning off the porch today so I can continue my long and tedious deck-painting project. I would much rather be gardening than painting or all of the other long put-off things on the house to-do list. But first, I will need new gloves. Ew, is there anything more skin-crawling than an earwig? Wait, maybe don’t answer that, I’m sure there is. At least it didn’t pinch me!

I hope to be back to slightly more regular blogging now that summer is over and I’m no longer on all-day mom duty. We had a lot of fun and even saw a few nifty gardens during the school vacation, but the time for gardening, blogging and blog-reading (and commenting) was pretty much nil. I look forward to catching up on what you’all have been up to and seeing how your gardens grew during the season.

Much nicer than a bug photo, I hope – some cute stripy small Dahlias my mom grew this summer.

Stripy dahlia


9 Responses to “You Know You Haven’t Gardened in a While…”

  1. Hugh Says:

    It only takes one glove event to make you forever cautious. Last spring I pulled on a pair that had been left on the dormant BBQ. Middle finger contained a yellow-jacket wasp, also dormant, but at the first touch my caveman brain knew what it was and went ape.

    Now I beat the crap out of my outside gloves before I put them on.

  2. Tatyana Says:

    Hi Karen! I wish I could see that dance….

  3. Jen Says:

    Good to hear from you and thanks for sparing us the bug photo. There was a beetle in my hair yesterday when we went out to lunch. I’m afraid I wasn’t very quiet about it, either.

  4. Catherine Says:

    That would make me do the same thing. Those earwigs are always showing up in some weird place. I hope you’ll show the deck finished. It’s a huge job!

  5. Megan Says:

    Ha. I can imagine the scene exactly. I’ve done the same thing with various icky situations (dead moth in a glove once), with my neighbors watching in amusement.
    I once had a foster hamster who chewed out of her cage and ran away. I looked for tips on how to locate a lost hamster, and read that they often are found inside shoes. I never did find her, but I always shake out my shoes before I put them on, thinking she’ll show up again.

  6. Yikes! I’ve been lucky and never had this happen. I think I will start storing my gloves in a different way now!

  7. Bonnie Story Says:

    EEEK, let’s never talk about my “Slug Boot”… Deck-painting, egads I hope that’s over with for you mercifully soon. My favorite time to blog is the dead of winter! I too have been super busy lately and my blogging has dropped off a bit. When the veggie garden slows down things will miraculously improve time-wise for me. That sure is a pretty Dahlia!

  8. Kristi Says:

    I actually had the same thing happen to me. Love the striped dahlia.

  9. That’s a howl and a half! I hate earwigs–they are super-creepy. I always think of Edgar Allen Poe when I see them…

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