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Halloween Recipe October 30, 2009

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Take a few pumpkins from garden, grocery store and/or pumpkin patch:

Cinderella pumpkins at the grocery store

Pumpking rotting on the vine

Porch pumpkins

Add spooky critters:

Whoooo's that in the garden?

Skeleton flamingos

Mix in scary-looking plants:

Echinacea spiky seed head

Slightly spooky plant combo

Add a dash of borrowed costume finery:

Arrrrrr, matey!

Borrowed cowgirl boots

Stir it all together in a bubbling cauldron and what have you got? A Happy Halloween! Hope everyone has a fun weekend.



13 Responses to “Halloween Recipe”

  1. A scary one back at you! And I absolutely LOVE your skeleton flamingos! To die for.

    • greenwalks Says:

      Loree –

      Thanks! I had seen them in another garden so when I found them at the costume/party store, I was unable to resist. They might need to stay out a little longer than just Halloween…

  2. Catherine Says:

    Happy Halloween! Those flamingos are great!! Hope your daughter has lots of fun tonight.

    • greenwalks Says:

      Catherine –

      And to you as well! I hope you guys had fun too. We hit every house with lights on for two blocks, with friends – it was a hoot!

  3. Daniel Mount Says:

    Arrrrgh! are thosse flamingos in you garden, Matey?

    • greenwalks Says:

      Daniel –

      That they be! I don’t speak pirate-ese very well, especially since it was only a borrowed costume.

  4. You look perfect, Karen! Did you make your pirate costume? I love the 2 different fabrics for the legs. I also love those reddish pumpkins. I’ve never gotten any, but have seen them when we’ve been out. By now, it’s Halloween eve, way past trick-or-treating time…so, I hope you had fun! Your kiddos, too, of course! Hope it didn’t rain there…it was raining lightly but it was warm. Now it’s pouring out, but that’s ok ’cause it’s bedtime;-)

    • greenwalks Says:

      Hi Jan –

      Thanks, the costume was a rental but it was hand-made, and the picture is decieving – that’s actually a brocade sash that’s hanging down and obscuring one of the striped pants legs. I think the idea is to wrap the sash and belt around and stick a bunch of weapons in them, but as I was a non-violent pirate, they were a bit long. No real rain here, just a few sprinkles, perfect trick-or-treating sans coats weather. It was fun!

  5. Bonnie Story Says:

    Hello! I really like the shot of the beautiful tie-dyed effect on the stem-less pumpkin. My neighbor was telling me about that as we harvested our pumpkins – don’t break off the stem, or the pumpkin will go funky a lot faster. I agree that the skeleton flamingos are the COOLEST! Also your pirate costume is great and what kickin’ red cowgirl boots those are! We had a great Halloween here, sacked out on the couch, cracking fire going, with some good wine, and the dogs, watching the World Series. Aaaaahhhhh.

  6. Matron Says:

    I just love the colour of those pumpkins! Such a vibrant orange colour. Are they rouge vif D’etamps?

  7. Jen Says:

    Looks like you had an awesome time! Since I was raised in Florida, I always have a flamingo decoration of some kind to remind me of home – but they’re hard to find in New England. The skeleton ones are just perfect!! Nice costume, too. Were you and the daughter both pirates?

  8. Racquel Says:

    Looks like you had a festive & happy Halloween Karen!

  9. Megan Says:

    I guess I’m late to the party, but yes, those flamingos are fantastic. I’d leave them out year round if I had them. Looks like a trip to the party store is in my future. I’ll just have to copy you if I can find them. Hope you and the family had a wonderful holiday.

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