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Last Handful of Strawberries November 4, 2009

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Our early fall in Seattle was lovely – warm, sunny days and cool nights, perfect for easing the garden gently into its winter lull while preserving some of the most stunning colors and extending the food crops just a bit longer. My fall harvest of raspberries was even more pathetic than the spring one, so I might have to rethink their placement or figure out how to urge them on better next year. But the baby alpine strawberries and bigger ever-bearing ones hung on for a last little flush.

There are never more than a few out there at a time and my daughter gets most (okay, all) of them, unless they have already been discovered by a squirrel or bird (why do they always just peck one hole and then leave it?? So wasteful, those wild creatures!). This was the last handful, picked a few weeks ago, and they disappeared down the hatch in about 30 seconds.

Late fall handful of strawberries

There are still fresh berries in the grocery store, tiny portions packed in plastic and shipped up from California, prices too exorbidant to bear. For now, these precious jewels will be just a memory, and something to look forward to again next summer.

(PS Oh, wrote this last week and just noticed today that there are a few more ripe berries! One final gift of summer, but then that will be it.)


5 Responses to “Last Handful of Strawberries”

  1. Grace Says:

    Hi Karen~~ YUM. All summer I had to “fight” for berries too. It was a mixture of greed and gratitude. I’m glad they’re interested but they’re MINE. LOL I too have been getting a few strawberries lately. You’d think with the cooler weather they’d be blah. But they’re really tasty, unlike the raspberries that are pretty much done at this point. So your raspberry crop was paltry? Maybe I can help.

  2. vrtlaricaana Says:

    My experiance says that strawberries from store are never tasty and sweet as freshly picked from the garden…

  3. jean Says:

    I didn’t know we could get strawberries this time of year. I’ll go and look under my alpine strawberry leaves and see what’s there. I have a feeling there will be more slugs than anything else.

  4. Catherine Says:

    Our ornamental strawberries are still producing little berries, but our ever bearing stopped awhile ago. The grocery store ones can’t compare.

  5. Megan Says:

    Hasn’t it been the most beautiful fall? Warm days, and all that fall color all around. Glad you’re still enjoying the last bits of summer, and still getting fresh berries (or your daughter and the birds are, at least). I’m trying to remember when it truly starts to feel wintery in the garden. I don’t think it really happens around here until mid december, if my memory isn’t faulty.

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