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Late-Autumn Pursuits November 22, 2009

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(AKA what I have been up to instead of gardening, blogging, or reading garden blogs, all three of which I wish I had more time for at the moment…)

Here in Seattle, it’s almost unrelentingly horrid out – storm system after storm system rips through, often bringing heavy rains and high winds. Flood levels are rising, the ground is ultra-saturated, and the things that need to get done outside are just not happening. Oddly, the things that need to get done inside aren’t really getting done either! ‘Tis the season to be too busy and feel like a hamster on a wheel.

I feel lucky that we haven’t had to deal with much in the way of storm-induced problems so far. Cleaning the gunk out of the rain barrel’s screen and making sure the basement stays dry has been about it. Well, we need to fix our gate – the post cracked and the strongest winds tend to carry the loose latch all the way through to the wrong side, effectively trapping us unless a screwdriver is at hand.

Windblown gate latch

Other fascinating fall activities have included watching Jack-o-Lanterns rot:

Rotten Jack-o-Lantern I

Rotten Jack-o-Lantern II

They disintegrated when I tried to put a shovel under them, but most of the bits made it to the worm bin, where I recently spotted the biggest, baddest, blackest spider I’d ever seen sitting on one fuzzy remnant. All together now – EWWWW!

This gourd, which languished on the sideboard for a bit too long, got even more Halloween-ish when it started turning black and silvery in spots:

Rotting gourd

I rush past neighbors’ gardens and only stop for a second to admire the turning leaves, as on this hedge I didn’t realize was deciduous:

Deciduous hedge in fall

We’ve been playing a lot (a lot a lot a lot) of Uno recently. If you don’t know this card game, it’s easy to learn and keeps a 5+ yr. old busy for long stretches, at least around here. We lost the rules a while back so we may have invented some, but at least they are consistent. Sometimes, when we take a break, our friendly household shark holds the cards for us until we return.

Great white shark playing Uno

What keeps you busy when the trees bend before the wind?


8 Responses to “Late-Autumn Pursuits”

  1. easygardener Says:

    The weather is horribly wet here too. I am going slightly stir crazy with being indoors rather than in the garden. Pumpkin rot adds a great finishing touch to the horror effect though I can see it might be rather off putting close to!

  2. Tyra Says:

    I bake! … and mulch and then I bake again 😉 Great post Karen/ Tyra

  3. Catherine Says:

    Interestingly with all this bad weather, not much is getting done inside here either 🙂 Every time I watch the news I cringe when they say “another weather system is on it’s way”.
    Hopefully your fence will make it through the wind and your basement will stay dry.

  4. Jane Says:

    I love the shark playing uno. A “Granny Jane’s” place we have two sets of uno-lovers on occasion. One set makes up all these rules that make it hard for me to remember which rules to use when.
    Our 7-year-old granddaughter has a killer instinct and almost always wins.

    I cleaned the gutters this past weekend. Yuk!

  5. When we had a five-year-old, he was inclined to invent rules in his favor as a game progressed…good thing they are so darned cute, isn’t it?
    I read…a lot.
    I am tagging you for Honest Scrap. Don’t hate me, and don’t do it if you don’t feel like it, but I, for one, would love to hear more about you.

  6. Oh Karen…it’s been so nasty hasn’t it? We’ve got to get out and clean the gutters soon but haven’t managed to work up the energy yet.

    I’ve been busy going through all of my California vacation pictures. It’s been wonderful to escape to sunshine, even if it is just on the computer screen. Oh, and re-potting a couple of agaves, having a concrete basement floor has it’s advantages! I can make piles of soil and just sweep them up when I am done!

  7. Well I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to. Taking care of rotting squash can indeed be very demanding! 😉

    What do I do when the weather is bad? Go into the shop and build something. Plan to clean it out and ready it up for that purpose this upcoming weekend, in fact. On the docket this year: a new garden gate…want me to build an extra one for you?

  8. Megan Says:

    I’ve been even less productive. The best accomplishment of my year – I found a handyman that I had come clean out the gutters for me. I’m so looking forward to days where I can go play in the garden in the rain. I have a lot of winter chores waiting for me.

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