Gardening where the sidewalk ends

Duck at Dusk December 8, 2009

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If you look closely, you can see a glint of orange near the bottom center of the picture. There were some really impressive carp in this pond, near the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park. They seemed to get along fine with the mallards, who are vegetarians as far as I know (and who are about the same size as the fish, if not smaller!).


8 Responses to “Duck at Dusk”

  1. Grace Says:

    Hi Karen~~ A very enigmatic photo. Yes, I see the koi. The photo reminds me of the children’s book “Emily Emerson’s Moon.” Are you familiar with it? A story about a father who promises his daughter the moon. The reader as well as Emily are perplexed as to just how the father can pull this off until one evening he takes her out to the pond and shows her the reflection of the moon. Of course the daughter is elated.

  2. Kanak Says:

    Karen, this is such a beautiful image. The reflection of the duck, the plant, the moon, and the fish makes it look all so magical.

  3. Georgia Says:

    Beautiful photograph. I can see it in a wildlife calendar.

  4. jean Says:

    I love the photo. Also love Volunteer Park. Did you go to the greenhouse?

  5. easygardener Says:

    I was going to say that the moon was an unusual lemon colour – now I’m thinking it might be a street light – but no less effective in your lovely picture!

  6. Great photo Karen! And I Ioved Grace’s story…

  7. Hello Karen 🙂
    What a great image

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