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Happy Palindromic Day! January 2, 2010

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Today is an unusual one in terms of the date – 01/02/2010 is a rare palindrome, the numbers reading the same both forward and backward. My daughter and I made a little picture to commemorate it out of some holiday greens and berries my parents brought us for our mantel, cut from their woods (cedar and holly).

Palindromic Date - 01/02/2010

Hope your palindromic day is a good one.


8 Responses to “Happy Palindromic Day!”

  1. Hugh Says:

    Clever, and pretty too!. In Canada, it will be on Feb 1 (day/mo/yr).

  2. Anna Says:

    I like your pictorial commemoration. As befitting my name I have always had a soft spot for palindromes 🙂

  3. Jen Says:

    Cool! Now that is something I never would have noticed!

  4. Happy Palindrome Day to you too! It is rare and today only in a country that has the month in front of the day. Lovely commemoration!

  5. Catherine Says:

    I hadn’t even thought about that today! We did have a good one though, finished our tiling!

  6. institutrice Says:

    Cool, so you are a palindromist! 😉 I love math. So much so, that I had to figure out why the last Palindrome Day was 08-31-1380!

  7. Grace Says:

    This is so cool. And by the time I’m reading it, it’s long gone. I really should be more up to date on my blog reading. 🙂

  8. Megan Says:

    I didn’t know what to do to celebrate the day, but I cooked and froze some food, with the date written out on the labels. Then I realized I was too absent minded to get that right – I was writing it wrong, writing 2002 instead of 2010. Oh well.

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