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Parking Strip Report – The ‘Nothing Much’ Edition January 25, 2010

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Late January is usually a really un-spectacular time for my parking strip garden. So much so that I am too ashamed to include a full shot of it here! I will stick to the few details that have provided a second glance amid the brownish wasteland that otherwise is sadly characteristic of this time of year. When will I learn? ****Must plant more evergreens!***

I didn’t plant a lot of winter veggies this year. They never do much anyway except sit around looking sad all winter and then bolt as soon as it gets warm, so it was interesting to see that some of the open space is being colonized by volunteer chervil from the mesclun mix that was in the same spot last summer. I do love chervil, but hope I won’t be chasing down seedlings all over the garden forever more.


(By the way, I got a new camera for Christmas – Thanks, Mom and Dad! – but haven’t really figured out how to use it yet. I somehow pressed something that made the settings take these strange wide-screen photos, which I guess are kind of arty but not particularly useful for the web. I got it reset eventually, but by then the sun was gone.)

I never covered up my broccoli starts, so whatever survived is tough enough to stay below freezing for over a week! We’ll see if it ends up producing anything edible.

Semi-surviving broccoli

Eek, popping weed is on the march already, thanks to the warm days! Can you see its cute little white flower all set to come up, bloom for a bit, and then release its evil batch of 100% germination seeds?

Eek, weeds are about to bloom!

This senecio should do well in hot, dry conditions, but I think I didn’t water it enough in its first growing season so it is still struggling a bit (you can see yellow/brown patches on some of the leaves, but there has been new growth so I am hoping it will hang in there).


For lack of much else to look at, I have left my dead coneflowers to provide a bit of sculptural height. They would probably look a lot nicer with a little dusting of snow underneath, but the senecio is a next-best backdrop.

Coneflower seedhead in late winter

This euphorbia wandered over from the neighbor’s and I transplanted it rather rudely a few years ago, down to the parking strip. Further proof of how tough these plants are – it looked a little sad for about two minutes, and then made a full recovery and is now thriving and putting out its pendant flowers. I was afraid of this plant family for so long, due to its toxic sap, but I am just careful around and also have it in a spot where my kid would never get too close. I just noticed that it has produced its own “baby” a few feet away, which I may move or give away before it gets too big.

Euphorbia flowers

And, after getting the camera switched back to regular old photo size mode, I noticed what I truly hope is the return of my favorite tulips ever. Looking back at that earlier post, I can see that I had them in three spots, and here I only saw one clump coming up. I will just have to be patient, maybe they will all return for another show-offy time in the early spring garden.

First tulips on the rise

Which plant’s return to glory are you most anticipating this spring?


8 Responses to “Parking Strip Report – The ‘Nothing Much’ Edition”

  1. Deirdre Says:

    I’m really hoping my new hardy geranium ‘Cheryl’s Shadow’ comes back. It has the most wonderful leaves; almost round, velvety, and a color between wine and plum. I’d be disappointed if G. ‘Midnight Reiter doesn’t come back, but they’re pretty tough.
    The leaves on my Arbutus ‘Marina’ are looking rather black. It died to the ground last year. I hope it doesn’t do it again this year. It’ll never look like much if it keeps dying to the ground. I’ll have to think about a replacement if it does.

  2. Nice shot with the coneflower Karen! Your garden is way ahead of mine ‘springwise’ tulips?! Wow.

    More than any one plant I’m mostly looking forward to being able to get out there and clean up! The grasses need to be cut before the new growth starts pushing out and the dead (from the cold snap) plants need to be properly disposed of. Hopefully I’m in the recovery home stretch and will be out making up for lost time soon!

  3. gardeningasylum Says:

    Spring is coming! I look forward to the ferns poking up and unfurling their fuzzy heads. The hellebores don’t look like they’ll do anything for at least a month or more here. I never have luck with the snow drops either – always a pretty pitiful show. Moved stuff around in the fall, always a bit risky here, so I’m looking forward to seeing what made it! Love the senecio.

  4. Catherine Says:

    Yeah for the tulips popping up! Mine are starting to show too. I’m impressed with your broccoli, I’ve never tried it in the fall. It must be tough to have withstood that freeze we had during our short 2 week winter.
    I’m looking forward to seeing if the Peony I bought at the flower and garden show blooms this year.

  5. Bonnie Story Says:

    Popweed patrol!! Yes I am on the warpath over here – I am having fun with it due to the awesome long-handled *Ho-Mi* tool I got for Christmas. It’s da bomb. And wonderful for stopping Popweed. Last year I just looked at the Popweed and let it all get going – but I know better this year and I have Popweed Vision and bad intentions!

  6. Jen Says:

    Great shots, K! The wides shots are coming up just fine on the RSS feed, BTW. Nothing much coming up here yet. I’m planning to plant chervil this year – so it’s perennial? Wish I was there to take that “baby” Eurphorbia off your hands 😉

  7. fenugreeklove Says:

    Nice photos, I enjoyed immensly. Can I ask – which camera are you using? Your photos are good 🙂

    • greenwalks Says:

      Thanks! Just got a new camera recently, still figuring out what it can and can’t do. It’s a half-step up from a regular point-and-shoot, was a present from my folks and I am so grateful to them! It’s a Canon S90 – has a lot of the internal stuff from the higher-level G11 but with a smaller body. I am pretty happy with it so far for garden close-ups!

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