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Goin’ to the Show February 3, 2010

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The rilly, rilly big shew! It’s here again – the Northwest Flower & Garden Show kicked off today, February 3, 2010, after nearly expiring when the original owners said they weren’t continuing following last year’s installment. Happily, a buyer was found, and the show is going on! I will be attending with my mom tomorrow, and hope to have some fun photos to share later in the week.

As always, I look forward to the wacky show gardens, seeing some unusual and rare plants, the amazingly informative and inspiring seminars (Fergus Garrett of Great Dixter is lecturing on training your eye to make good plant combinations – I hope to score a ticket to that one!), and all the non-profit booths dispensing free advice on things like fruit tree care, bee-keeping, and seed saving.

(Photo of conifer garden courtesy of NWFGS site)

Are you going to this or any other garden shows around this time of year? What do you hope to see and learn?


7 Responses to “Goin’ to the Show”

  1. Grace Says:

    Hi Karen~~ I’m going to the show too, only vicariously through your photos and prose, if you don’t mind. [I’m too big to fit in your purse, darn it.] Smart to go on a weekday when hopefully the crowds will be thinner. I hope you can get many photos. I love the conifer photo above. Do you have any special plants you’ll be on the lookout for?

  2. gardeningasylum Says:

    Oh lucky you to see Fergus Garrett! I love going to the shows and it’s the speakers I remember best – Rosemary Verey and Sydney Eddison in particular. They were seemingly sweet little old ladies with bold ideas about gardening – really inspiring! Have fun!

  3. Do hope you get to hear Fergus talk –
    Have a fab time

  4. Jane Says:

    I got there yesterday (on the Clackamas Master Gardener bus) but arrived too late for the Fergus Garrett talk. Funny to think I must have seen you leaving as I waited to hear Andrea Cochran!
    The show was great and my sis and I had a fun day exploring the offerings. We didn’t even cover all the booths before the witching hour to board the bus for the return trip. But I made a totally novice move: my camera ran out of battery after about ten shots in the display gardens. Gahhh!

  5. Catherine Says:

    I just came from Melanthia’s blog to see her pictures. I’m going on Sunday with my Mom and oldest daughter.
    Can’t wait to see your pictures and thoughts after your visit. Have lots of fun!

  6. Take LOTS of pictures Karen!!!!

    I guess I’m saving up all my energy for the YGP Show here in PDX next weekend. I have my seminar schedule all planned out…so much to learn! I always find myself getting super inspired listening to the speakers. I usually end up with a half dozen sketches of my ideas to transform the garden. Some happen, some don’t. And the best part is the seminars are free, how often can you say that? You don’t even have to pay to get into the show to go listen to the speakers!

    Oh…and there are the plants!!! I’ve found some awesome deals on plants there. One year Flax 3 for $20. Another year a beautiful agave for $6. Who knows what this year holds!

  7. Your nursery envy gets turned on its ear when the big shows come around, eh? Our YGP is a baby by comparison, but it just about wears me out anyway. We are all anxious to tag along with you and your swell new camera.

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