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One Tough Daffodil March 29, 2010

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For anyone who has had trouble getting daffodil bulbs to flourish, I have one to suggest for next spring – Narcissus poeticus.

Poeticus daffodil

I have had bulbs of it in my current and previous garden that continued to bloom for years with zero assistance, where many $ of other, showier daffodils perished after a single bloom (or not even one).

As an example of how it can thrive in non-ideal conditions, I dug out a bunch of bulbs, mostly scilla, last summer when we changed some things around in the back garden, and many got tossed into a garbage can lid for future re-planting or give-aways. Guess what happened… nothing. Until spring:

Tough daffodils

There wasn’t even any soil in the lid. Now THAT is one tough daffodil! I think the variety is ‘Pheasant’s Eye.’ It also has a lovely scent and the bloom time is super long.

Do you have plants that seem to do fine no matter how poorly you treat them?


11 Responses to “One Tough Daffodil”

  1. Sheila Says:

    Wow! That is very impressive!

  2. gardeningasylum Says:

    Poeticus is such a cutie too – adding to my list. Around here the nepetas seem to go ahead and grow without trouble, provided you have no cats nibbling at it:)

  3. banner6 Says:

    The deer leave daffodils and alliums alone, so they get planted around here a lot. Yours are lovely…and intrepid!

  4. Great picture of the blooms in trash can lid! My no-fail plants are yucca, black mondo grass, bamboo, and hesperaloe….tough as nails! And at least the first 2 could probably grow on your lid…but not bloom as sweetly as your ‘Pheasant’s Eye’

  5. Amanda Says:

    The little bulbs that could!

  6. That is a great looking daffodil! I have some iris and day lilies by the curb that do well, even when they get neglected.

  7. Catherine Says:

    That is a really pretty one. This is the first year I’ve had luck with daffodils blooming, in fact better than tulips. Isn’t it funny how plants will grow in the funniest spots? I had Columbines blooming in cracks in the cement walkway last year.

    Sorry I missed SAGBUTT. It has been crazy busy around here. Sunday included unplanned plumbing repairs to a pipe that must have frozen back in December.

  8. Megan Says:

    Wow. I have plants that tough, but usually they’re so tough I’m trying like crazy to get them out of the garden before they take over the world. But this one looks much more polite than my tough plants.

  9. Bonnie Story Says:

    Wow, now that is one tough daff! You inadvertently “forced” them in the can lid – amazing! I will look into that variety, I love it. I have done nothing to assist any day lilies here, or Peiris, or yellow loostrife, and all are doing great. I sure do like plants that cooperate with my neglect program! I wish I had made SAGBUTT – I always have the best intentions – but office work spilled over into the weekend and dashed my hopes of finally meeting y’all. I’m still very hopeful!! Cheers! Bonnie

  10. Grace Says:

    Well there’s one for the books, Karen. And the LIST. Amazing and beautiful, like you took a tiny paint brush to the tips of the ruffled cup. I love “survival” stories like this. Thanks for sharing it.

  11. Jen Says:

    It’s so nice when the only daffodil to bloom is also one of the most gorgeous! I planted a mix but so far the only ones to bloom in my yard are the very light yellow variety. I’ll have to find out what it’s called and make sure I avoid them in the future — and look for these instead.

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