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Antidote April 14, 2010

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I was in a venomous mood the other day, blacker than black. Mostly it was just tiredness, but the cloudy skies and life challenges were combining to send me to Grumptown. I managed to pick my kid up from school, got her to do her homework in the car, and then took her to her one and only after-school activity. Usually I hang out there, but was not in the frame of mind to tolerate cell-phone-yakking parents and screaming siblings. I noticed the sun starting to peek out and opted for a walk instead. I started out feeling like this (loon-y):


(I had neglected to bring my camera, so this is another attempt at a post with phone photos.)

The sunny, plant-filled stroll cleared my head and elevated my mood so much that it made the grouchy day seem like a remote dream. Spring, it’s better than an Rx!

Japanese maples leafing out and almost meeting over the sidewalk:

Meeting of the maples

Golden hops and grape hyacinth look great together, why didn’t I think of that?!

Hops & muscari

Incredible huge fuzzy leaves in a parking strip planting (could this be Verbascum?)

Fuzzy foliage

Easter remnant:

Tree egg

Slightly flawed dogwood blossom:

Dogwood blossoms

Didn’t the Dutch pay fortunes for “broken” tulips like this one, back in the day?

Stripy tulip

I want to go back to some of these blocks again because I missed a lot, including some super fab parking strip planter boxes filled with fresh black-gold compost and veggie seeds/starts. Thanks to all of the creative gardeners whose efforts helped to banish the blues!


11 Responses to “Antidote”

  1. Grumptown eh? I’ve never heard that one but I love it and I’m going to use it because lord knows I spend time there every now and then.

    Anyway…good for you knowing what you needed to do and getting out there and doing it. And your camera photos are great, although the egg one really got me. It looked (at first) like a giant (3ft?) egg setting in the parking strip, then I realized it was hanging from the tree. Love the Verbascum (yes that is what it is…and I want it!). The hops and hyacinth combo reminds me of the Ceanothus and Lime leafed combo I photographed at Kennedy School awhile back. Nice post! I hope spring keeps working it’s magic on you….

  2. Jordan Says:

    Those are remarkably good for phone photos. I like the hops & grapes. Blue & yellow always looks good. I believe the fuzzy leaves are Verbascum bombyciferum. I used to grow it. But it has a short life-span. One does get tired of replacing things.

  3. Jordan Says:

    Verbascum has never come up from seed for me. They live out their brief lives never to be seen again.

  4. The hops and hyacinth combination would get me out of Grumptown too! Really beautiful shot.

  5. Bonnie Story Says:

    Good for you for overcoming that impending dark mood… Fresh air and a fine walk are miracle drugs in my opinion. Golden hops are a real miracle drug too, based on my jaw dropping open at the sight of your photo! Wow! I vote yes on the camera phone pictures, they are great. The fact that you had a means to take photos at all on that impromptu and essential walk is so cool. Thanks for sharing the whole story. Sometimes it’s good to know that other people are stressed out and tired too and that it’s possible to feel better, by being proactive and appreciating your surroundings. Cheers, Bonnie

  6. Catherine Says:

    I really think that horrible weather we had for a few weeks recently put a lot of us in a bad mood. I know I was in one too. You found so much to admire on your walk. I really agree with you that Spring is better than any medication too šŸ™‚

  7. Jane Says:

    Your cell phone pictures are better than my point-and-shoot camera pics – by a mile. Maybe it was partly the inspiration you were deriving from the views. Thanks for that gorgeous lime green hop and muscari image. It’s a beautiful reminder of the power of that color combo.
    Glad you got out of your funk and into spring!

  8. We gardeners are so lucky. We have a tonic for the blues whenever we step outside. That verbascum pops up here and there in every garden I have ever had…and never have I planted it.

  9. Megan Says:

    Oh I can attest to gardening being the best therapy. If you can’t be in your own garden, wandering through others’ is the next best thing.
    I never would have guessed these were phone pictures – you have a much better camera on yours than I have on mine. It’s nice to always have a decent camera on hand.
    And I fell for the egg illusion too, I thought it was a giant egg until I saw the strings it’s hanging from.

  10. Grace Says:

    And you’re so very adept at passing along the cheer, Karen. Your cell phone takes amazingly nice photos. that verbascum, wowzers! And the flowers, just delightful, not to mention the trees and sky. Moody blues, begone!

  11. Seattle is such a lovely place.

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