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Lilac Time (Almost Over) May 6, 2010

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Spring is advancing so quickly, I find myself wanting to press the pause button and just slow it down a little. Cherry blossom season has already wound down, the tulips are pretty much gone, and the scent of lilacs in the air is about to be a thing of the past until next year. I have a poorly-pruned (by me) white lilac in my back garden, its bloom time is very short and then the brown of the rotting blossoms is so unsightly. I think I prefer the regular old, uh, lilac-colored variety.

Since I can’t send you the miraculous perfume over the interwebs, I hope you have a chance to inhale it in person at some point this year or in future ones. There’s nothing quite like it!

Lilac time

(Lilac flower near sidewalk in the Wedgwood neighborhood of Seattle – just steps away from the historic Scarlet Oak I wrote about earlier.)


11 Responses to “Lilac Time (Almost Over)”

  1. You caught that bloom at the peak of perfection. Don’t you think their fleeting nature makes the lilacs all the more precious? When we bought ours at a farmers’ market, I asked what color the flowers would be. The vendor gave me a look that said “Duh!” but only said “violet” out loud.

  2. Amanda Says:

    I think I can smell that one from here 🙂

  3. I too have a white lilac, but mine didn’t bloom this year! Very sad. I hate to admit but I helped the Portland Parks and Rec Dept by “pruning” a lilac in the park at the end of our street. It had so many low hanging blooms that really needed to be tended too…and they made the house smell SO GOOD for a few days.

  4. Laura Says:

    I love the smell of Lilacs! Mine have just started to bloom. Given a few days they will be in full throttle.

  5. Catherine Says:

    I love the Lilacs too right now! I need to go and cut some more to bring inside. For some lucky reason I actually got flowers on the low branches this year which made them much easier to smell.
    I’m so excited to see the sun today!

  6. I miss the pretty white lilac in my former backyard. It had a delicious perfume and was a sweet reminder of my mother. I STILL have never gone to the Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens (in Woodinville?) They are supposed to be wonderful this time of year…maybe I’ll make it next year!

  7. Jordan Says:

    The Korean Lilacs (Syringa meyeri & S patula) are just coming into their full bloom now. I saw a stunning & powerfully fragrant S meyeri at Bradner Gardens Park on Tuesday. (And you would be crazy for the parking strip gardens across the street: Callistemon & a whole lot more!)

  8. Megan Says:

    I’m with you, this spring is just flying by. I guess they always do, but I’m always so sure I’ll be ready for it THIS time around. Then it’s over before you know it. I think I can smell the lilacs just looking at them. They’re heavenly.

  9. Kristi Says:

    Gorgeous, you can never have too much lilac.

  10. Aerie-el Says:

    Mmmm-mmm, good. Mine are fading fast, but I have a Korean lilac that is coming into her glory now. Lilacs remind me of ‘home’.

  11. meemsnyc Says:

    That lilac is gorgeous!

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