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Strawberries-to-be July 13, 2010

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The berry crops in the Pacific Northwest have suffered a lot from the cool, wet spring. What is merely annoying for the home gardener has been devastating for farmers. Every week, at the Farmers’ Market we frequent, we keep hearing sadder and sorrier tales. Cherry crops have been hit hard too, as well as many grains.

I’m not much good at growing fruit, but have always enjoyed having a few alpine strawberry plants scattered around the garden. I usually let my daughter harvest and eat the tiny berries as she finds the ripe ones – they never even make it into the house.

The haul was pretty pitiful this year, but there are more on the way now that the sun is (sometimes) out. I love seeing those bright white blossoms, knowing that they will be transformed in a short while into a treat for my girl. The birds have mostly left them alone, even though some are planted near our birdbath.

This shot is semi-blurry since it was evening when I took it, but you can see the flowers actually morphing into berries.

Alpine strawberries starting to grow

Do you grow berries? Are you getting to eat any this year?


9 Responses to “Strawberries-to-be”

  1. Bonnie Story Says:

    I really agree about the berry year. last year at this time I was loading up daily on the wild blackberries, salal berries and blackcap raspberries, all wild here. This year — zilch, save for a select few. I guess it was just too cool for too long and stuff didn’t get pollinated? I see the salal setting out a new crop of green berries just now, clever survivor that it is. It looks to be a good year here around my place for the red (deciduous) huckleberries though, oddly. The berries are huge and plentiful, that sure is different. When they become transparent and look just like salmon eggs I’ll pick and dehydrate them for special munching. I’m eager to see how the black huckleberry (evergreen) crop turns out. They mature late in the fall so they have a while to catch up. A quiet strawberry year over at the mega-garden, just enough for a few batches of awesome ice cream! Cheers, Bonnie

  2. Megan Says:

    I’ve never grown food before but the blueberry I planted in the neighbors yard looks like it’s going to get one berry this year. Next year I hope for at least two.

  3. Laura Says:

    I love alpine strawberries! My favorite garden snack. I have a couple of bushes intermingled in my front perennial garden. I had to give the kids a plant each in a big pot out their bedroom windows. Now I finally get a chance to eat a couple of those delicious berries myself. It has been a rather disappointing fruit year at the farmers markets though. Too bad. I love berry season!

  4. Aaron Says:

    Hey Karen! Long time no talk. I’ve been meaning to get back to one of the SABUTTs but just never seen to make it.

    I do feel bad for the farmers, but I get some solace that even the professionals aren’t doing much better than I am. What a year.. I just yesterday found my first near-microscopic tomato.. in mid-July.

    The berries are barely doing anything too. I’ve gotten about 20 strawberries from 10 plants so far, with just a few more still ripening. Thankfully my 3′ tall blueberry bush is doing pretty well.

  5. Finally transplanted a few strawberries to a berm with netting. The ones in the open have buds bitten off by the deer before they can even begin to think about morphing into fruit. I felt smug getting just a handful of berries this year, but I have nothing to compare it to.

  6. Grace Says:

    Would you believe I just threw, wait, splashed a bunch of miracle gro on my stawbs? I don’t have much luck until like mid August on. [Tri Star and Seascape everbearing] but I thought maybe a little chemical help might speed up the process. Raspberries, however have been fabulous with all the rain–the best crop ever. Blueberries are just starting to ripen.

    I love your little berries to be. Such little miracles aren’t they? And I bet yours are miracles without miracle gro!!

  7. Mmmm, berries! I think I need some alpine strawberries to tuck in as ground covers. The idea of picking the berries right from my garden is very compelling – and delicious!

  8. Sorry I have been absent from the blog world lately. How nice to check in and find you still here!

    My blueberries look good this year but cherries and apples are dreadful.

  9. Racquel Says:

    I’ve never ventured into berry growing, but I’ve been tempted the past couple of seasons. Maybe next year… 🙂

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